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Thanks Billie !

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I had contacted you by your e-mail and before that I had contacted Hissy. I had wondered if you ever received the gift I had sent you. I never heard back from you or Hissy. I spent quite a bit of time and effort in picking out the gift (a cook book) for you and also twice as much money in sending it out as I had to send it twice as it was returned the first time.

The courtesy of a reply I thought was not too much to ask. I will not be returning to this site or bothering to read or answer if you did ever decide to reply which I doubt you would anyway. Where I come from it is just good manners to let someone know and to thank them when receiving a gift.
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Maybe it is possible that Billie somehow did not receive the gift yet. I really wish you wouldn't leave because of this...I have not received my gift yet, but I realize there is a huge difference in the mail there, and I am a patient person, not to mention the fact that if I never get my gift, it is okay...I had alot of fun sending one out, and that is the main thing.
I know Billie is a wonderful person, and I'm sure had she received your gift, you would have heard from her. Maybe there was a mixup in the mail.
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Elinor, I think Debby is right. Even if you are upset w/ Billie, please don't leave because of that. Stick around here, we like having you.
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I am so sorry you feel this way, as I do recall pm'ing you about the Secret Santa gift. I also rememember you writing me back and saying you were re-sending the gift to Billie. I wasn't able to get ahold of Billie except through Bod-lover and I sent a PM off, but didn't hear back for awhile.

I just sent you a note via regular mail because I see you do not want to receive either PM's or emails from members. I have since been in touch with Billie, who has assured me she got the cookbook, loved it, and that she sent you a thank you message. But I guess computers foul up as do humans, so Billie has also asked for your address so that she can send you a proper note thanking you for your kindness. I have given it to her, I hope that is okay with you?

I am sorry you feel so strongly about leaving. You will be missed whether you believe that or not. I wish you the best and hope that you will come back once again and continue to add to the community. I would of answered your post sooner, but wanted to wait until I could hear what happened on Billie's end of things.

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