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scratching post

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I've bought my persian a scratching post, but he refuses to use it. He continues to scratch furniture, door jambs, etc. How can I get him to use the post?
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Well, the first thing I would do is put it near where he eats or sleeps. Then try spraying it with catnip. Whenever you catch hit scratching on something else, give a sharp no, or a clap. Then pick him up and walk him over to the post. Do the motions for him and then give lots of love.
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Also, different cats like different posts. You may need to experiment with different posts. Try vertical vs. horizontal and posts covered with different materials.
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I had a problem with my Sphynx MooShoo. He was going after the back of my love seat. I tried spraying it with cat repellent, taking him (when I was able to catch him doing it) from the place he liked to scratch over to the post. I went through the motions with him and he just walked away. I finally put the post over to the love seat near where he scratched. It seemed to do the trick. He hasn't touched my couch since, or at least I haven't caught him scratching my couch. Sticky Paws is also a great deterent. It's two sided tape and cats HATE it. Also, cats do prefer different materials. Two of my cats like carpet and the others like sisal rope.
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Ronni -

I have also heard that you cat leaves his scent when he scratches and that WASHING that sent off will help. I have tried "No Scratch" spray and it didn't work. I haven't tried the bitter apple. He, however, only likes to scratch on horizontal surfaces, so only our carpet is suffering. We put folded over duct tape on his favorite spot and it has really helped. Also, try to play with your kitty ON the post (put it down horizontally). He may realize that he likes the feel of it the post. Don't forget to reward him when he does it right! Good luck!
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