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Two weeks ago Bitsy had a severe reaction to her vaccines (anaphylaxis). I thought she would die right then, but they saved her. Since then she hasn't been herself. She doesn't walk around, or jump, or play, or purr, or eat, or go to the bathroom very much. Right now I am feeding her with a syringe. She is hanging in there, but hasn't changed.

The vet said maybe she had a stroke or hypoxia during the anaphylaxis. If so, she might be vegetative for the rest of her life. I can't keep hand feeding her forever. She is only 1 1/2. If she doesn't get better, I will have to euthanize her.
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My heart goes out to you and Bitsy I can only imagine how difficult this is for you. You and Bitsy will be in my prayers I hope that posting this in the Blue Room is premature, and that she goes on to recover fully. Bless you for considering her quality of life, Kathylou. This is possibly the most important consideration in this case
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Oh poor Bitsy. Does she have any activity at all? when she goes potty, do you do it for her or does she still get up and go to the litter? if she goes to the box herself i would encourage you to hang in there. Ask the Vet regarding her electolytes. she may not have enough in her system to function properly. pediacare solution for babies will work to help out without any ill effects. Especially if you are already feeding her with a syringe.

You poor heart must be breaking Kathylou. I will keep you and Bitsy in my prayers.

“Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called forth fish in the sea birds in the air and animals of the land. You inspired St. Francis to call of them his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless Bitsy. By the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan. May we always praise you for your beauty in creation. Blessed are you, Lord our God in all your creatures! Amen.â€
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I am so sorry!!! That is one life that is cut way too short! My thoughts are with you!
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Bless your heart for making sure Bitsy has a quality of life This must be such a hard and sad decision you have to make.
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Originally Posted by bossinova
You and Bitsy will be in my prayers I hope that posting this in the Blue Room is premature, and that she goes on to recover fully.
I second this - my heart weeps with you right now. Be brave Bitsy, stay strong we are all thinking of you
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I pray this cat gets better. Prayers to you and the kitty.
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She still gets up and goes to the litter. She drinks by herself too, but sometimes she falls into the water bowl.
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Many thoughts and prayers are on the way to you and Bitsy. I hope her quality of life improves.
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Kathylou--What is Bitsy's history? It sounds like she was well and healthy before the vaccinations and that they triggered this reaction which as the vet said could have caused a stroke or other damage. Had Bitsy had these same vaccinations before--if so, presumably she reacted normally to them. So how often does a cat react normally to a series of vaccinations and then suddenly one day has a near-fatal reaction to the same kinds of vaccines? I'm just wondering-I know that people, for example, can take penicillin for years with no problem and then next time they're given a shot of penicillin they can go into even a fatal anaphylactic (sp??) shock. So I guess the same could happen to cats. My next question: what are the odds that she could recover from this--don't forget, the little thing almost died just a couple of weeks ago, maybe she just needs a long period of time to fully recover. Not many of us would go from deathbed to running around and eating well and feeling playful within 2 or 3 weeks--I don't think!! I'm wondering if you could get another opinion on this--say have Bitsy given some pretty thorough neurological tests and things like that--get an idea of the extent of damage done and prospects for recovery. I had some of that done for a sick cat of mine at the nearest vet school, which for me was the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine in Athens, Georgia. These schools have an amazing array of specialists who can do things our family vets (however excellent) can only dream of. And you can pay on an installment plan generally if that's a concern (like it is for most of us.) I guess what I'm getting at is that I know this is very very hard on you, and you don't want little Bitsy to suffer unnecessarily--I'm just wondering if there's a way to figure out just what her chances for a partial or complete recovery are before deciding the only thing to do is to have her put to sleep. Please don't take this the wrong way, I know you love Bitsy and you want what's best for her--I just wonder if her chances might not be better than you think right now?? That cat of mine I mentioned--all the experts thought he was paralyzed permanently in his hind legs from a blood clot after being hit by a car. They assured me he would never walk again. WRONG!!! With determined physical therapy and the help of the wonderful doctors and students at the UGA Vet School, my Malkin not only walked again, he ran, and jumped, and played, and thoroughly enjoyed his life. I also had to hand-feed him for WEEKS until one day I put him down at his food and he returned to eating normally. All I know is, common sense told me to believe the vets who said Malkin would always be seriously handicapped. I just couldn't. He was still trying to fight--and as long as he didn't give up, I wouldn't either. Even when he laid in my lap and I had to feed him liquid food like a baby, because he had to keep up his strength. Sometimes I did wonder if I was being selfish--if it would have been kinder to let him go. I'm sure sometimes it is the kindest thing to do. But--I just felt Malkin was fighting to live, and I couldn't give up on him. I don't mean to sound preachy--again I know you love your baby dearly and are going thru a very difficult time. I can't tell you what to do. I don't even know in your case what the "right thing to do" might be. Maybe I'm just asking for a little more time, a chance to assess the damage more thoroughly. I only know the difference in made for my Malkin. Whatever you decide, I know it will be done out of love for your little one. I am so very sorry that this happened. I will be keeping you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers---please keep us up to date, okay? You know we all care very much. God bless you and your little patient/baby.
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Don't worry. It would be impossible for me to euthanize her unless there was near zero chances. Also, she ate three slices of ham last night and reached for a toy this morning. She has also been licking the gravy off the friskies shredded cat food for a few days. Other than that, she still looks and acts extremely sick.
He history is that last year she was a kitten, and got her shots in a series of smaller doses. This was the first time she got adult cat shots. It is also the last.
I love her like my own baby.
I think the nearest vet school is at OSU, and I'm in Lawton, Oklahoma. That's too far to go with my 86 model car. Her vet is one of the best in town, though.
Bless you all for caring about my cat and all these other precious babies. I read some of the threads on this forum and just cry my eyes out.
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She is BETTER today!!! YAY!!! She played last evening and she cuddled and purred all night. That purr was the sweetest sound to me.
Thank you all soo much for your thoughts and prayers. It means an awful lot to me that there are so many other people who feel about cats the way I do.
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How wonderful to know your cat is better. Thank God. It is always good to hear the stories with the happy endings.
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Kathy now that this is good news i'm going to move this thread into the health forum for you
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Originally Posted by Kathylou
She is BETTER today!!! YAY!!! She played last evening and she cuddled and purred all night. That purr was the sweetest sound to me.
what wonderful news

I hope that she continues to improve each day - awwwww YAY!!!
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How is Bitsy today?
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Originally Posted by captiva
How is Bitsy today?

Yes how is she...I hope she is doing better and better everyday...she has been in my thoughts.....

I was so happy when I saw this thread leave RB......yaaaay Bitsy
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Today the 10th she is continuing to improve. Turned out she couldn't resist shaved ham and gravy. She's still isolated in my room from my other cat because he was being mean to her. Last night I heard her crunching dry food. She is doing some moderate jumping and lots and lots of purring. i'm glad she's not mad at me for putting her through that experience.

Now I am soliciting comments on how to reintroduce her to my other cat, Spock, who is a 13 pound baby, but is being a bully this week. That's over in the Behavior forum.

Thanks all of you for caring so much about Bitsy. I am sure it was all your prayers that helped her and me get through such a scary time. Thanks.
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Kathy, that is good news. keep getting better, Bitsy!
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Go Bitsy!!! She obviously has a few more of those 9 lives still left!!!!
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Woooohooooo!!!! I was thinking about you and Bitsy and I'm sooooo glad she's improving a little more every day.
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She's back to normal now. I let her out of isolation yesterday so I could make sure Spock didn't pick on her. There were some nasty hisses, then they checked out each others litter boxes, and right now they are both running and jumping and eating just fine.

I was trying to find something about vaccine reactions and I found this site. It was a very upsetting time for me, but it helped to have so many cat lovers to talk to and cats to read about. You all are wonderful.
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It is a warning to us all. But I am so glad it turned out OK for Bitsy.
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That's great news, glad to hear she's better
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I'm so glad Bitsy is better! I hope we will get continued updates about her as she grows up!
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