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Feliway questions

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Although we have made HUGE strides with Abby since adopting her in January, she can still be very skittish at times. She also suffers from separation anxiety.

We are going away next weekend and I was thinking of buying a Feliway diffuser to plug in before we go. I have seen mention of using Feliway with spraying and scratching, any thought on how it would work with separation anxiety?

The other question is, I am allergic to cats - will I be allergic to the Feliway? Anyone have experience with this?


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Abbysmom, I'm not sure about the allergy stuff (maybe your vet can shed some light on that?), but Feliway has worked wonders for my cats. I swear, if I see a fight break out between my two, I spray the Feliway in that area and it's like, la la land. I think it helps cats adjust well. But hopefully someone will be able to answer your feliway question. I doubt it, b/c in my view, it's the dander that one is allergic to, not the pheromones. But I'm not doctor, so don't quote me on it!!!
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I'm allergic to cats (and a lot of other things too) and have used both the Feliway diffuser and spray - they didn't bother me at all.

It really helped to calm my cats during a move a few years ago - they had been anxious and taking it out on each other, but the diffuser calmed them down quite a bit.

I hope it helps Abby.
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Thanks!!!! I just ordered it!
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Hi there.... I just went to the store and bought it about an hour ago.... so far so good... I am using it coz my 2 cats (they are sisters and are 2 years old) were going outside for the past few months (I just moved to the good ole USA) and after both been bitten by a raccoon - I am trying to get them to be inside cats again.... and Oakley is being very mean to Bailey... They are both sleeping by me at the moment... so fingers crossed.... I will keep my fingers crossed to you too!! Good luck!
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Good luck to you too!
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