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As you all guessed I'm new kitten on the block.

In a few days, I will be getting my first Bengal kitten. Since I'm new to the breed, I would appreciate all the help I can get.
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Welcome LilRed!

I posted this in response to another of your posts....but in case you don't see it...

Give us Pics!!! I'd love to see your new kitty when you get him...I think Bengals are sooo cute. I think there are some other Bengal owners here, and also a lot of people who know about cats who should be able to help you. Up above are links and you can look up the breeds. Good luck!
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One of our members, Nitecrwlr, owns a Bengal. He might be able to give you some tips.

Welcome, Lil Red.
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Hi and welcome to you!! I think Bengals are so beautiful!!
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Thank you all for the welcome!
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Hey and welcome - I have a 2 yr. old bouncing bangal boy. He is a tri-color brown marble bengal
named Loki after the Norse god of mischief.

Hope you have a lot of energy, bengals sure do. Let me know if you have questions.

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Thanks. I just brought her home last night and she's been a little bundle of energy.

Are there any special tips I should know about Bengals compared to other breeds of cats?
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Congrats on the new baby! I don't have any good tips for you on bengals as I don't have any. All I can say is love & play with it as much as you can & you'll have a little angel in no time!
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Oh you must be sooooo thrilled - just expect the unexpected - just be on your toes (hehehe) - they tend to be fearless and love hights. When they say they are active that is an understatment. They do get into quite some mischief (hence his name - Loki). Make sure you have a very high climbing tree or two otherwise you will find them in place you'd never thought a cat could get to (well you will anyway - hahaha) . They are very smart and when they set their mind to doing something there is no stopping until the task is accomplished. Plenty of toys - the homemade kind usually is the biggest hit (ball from tinfoil, papper balls and don't forget the feather toys).

Also they are the most loving and affectionate creatures. I just melt when my boy plants himself in my arms wanting to be held like a little baby purring up a storm when I am sitting on the couch watching TV. He also sleeps with me every night tucked into my left armpit.

You will never regret getting your baby.

PS: I adopted Loki from a breeder at age 7 months who wanted to turn him into a barn cat because they could not sell him since he was not social - what fools, all he needed was lots of patience and plenty of TLC.

Feel free to contact me anytime.
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OMG - she is absolutely wonderful!!!!!
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Wow, thanks Helen!

She came home Wednesday night and has been going from manic chase and pounce on anything that moves to sleeping like a rock. Right now she is sleeping in my lap. She had a tough morning of chasing and killing toy mice. She is not quite 5 months and curious about everything.

I think the funniest thing she's done so far is chase the mouse pointer around my monitor. I'll have to remember to turn the monitor off when I leave my desk or she'll be chasing the fish on my screen saver.

She is a doll though.
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So........what's her name???????????
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Oops, sorry. That's me - forgetting the important stuff .

Her name is Tiri, short for Nefertiri.
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I know she is tiny now, but when you do get that climbing tree, be sure to anchor it either by screws or something. They get playing at such a rapid rate that their enthusiasm can tip over the cat tree trapping them underneath and hurting them. Just a head's up, my friend has 3 Bengals and had this happen to one of hers.
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So far the worst thing she has done is jump into the kitchen trash bin. She was a little shocked when she ended up inside the bin rather than on top of it. Everything else is anchored. We have a fair number of nieces and nephews that are at the toddler stage. I will make sure her climbing tree is securely anchored when we go from the small play tree to a bigger one.

Thanks for the tips!
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Awww, your new kitty is so cute!!
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