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I no longer have a cat who will sit on my lap. Katie was my lap-buddy cat.
I really, really, really miss that and her.
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Kneading, purring and the way Mittens lays on his back and airs his big fat tummy while sleeping
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I no longer have SiSi, and to this day I miss her running to greet me when I came home from work. She never missed.

I would also miss little Saba poking her nose up in the window, every day when I pull the car in the driveway after work - now. And Sasha licking my nose at 6 am for his breakfast.

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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend
I no longer have a cat who will sit on my lap. Katie was my lap-buddy cat.
I really, really, really miss that and her.
Aww that makes me sad I'm very sorry for your loss. Do you plan on getting another baby?
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Originally Posted by Lil_Axl_Gurl
I would miss him sleeping with me at night and greeting me in the morning when I wake up.
Same here
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I would miss sakura sticking to me like velcro, following me around everywhere i go and talking to me all the time
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I cannot even go there without tears coming to my eyes.
I am grateful for evey moment that I share with Dexter & Sadie.
They are my reason to get up in the morning.
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I can tell you what I miss about my beloved Snoopy, since he went to the Rainbow Bridge in February. I miss the "Love" eyes he used to give me, and the way he would look right into my very soul, and allow me to look into his soul. I miss how he would always trill in love talk, whenever I'd say his name, or pet him. I miss how, when he was totally relaxed he would meow to me without making a sound. I miss him laying side by side with me in bed, and sometimes hogging the bed to the point that I'd be hanging off the edge while he'd be spralled out across the queen sized bed. I miss how he always wanted to have physical contact with me. He always had to be touching me. I miss how, when he wanted attention, and I was pre-occupied with something else, he'd reach over with his paw and touch my arm, to remind me that he was there and that he was A LOT more important than that stupid computer. I know that is more than one thing, but to be honest, I miss EVERYTHING about Snoopy.
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I would definately miss everything about my little Harley terror! I would definately miss the way that he greats me at the door everytime I come home with his meows and kisses, I would miss the way that he sleeps right next to me and wakes me up every morning at 5AM with his kisses on my nose (and playing with my hair ) I don't know how I've survived without him, he's my baby!
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With Ophelia it would be her patting at my cheek to see if I am awake yet, with Patrick it would simply be his habit in his old age of sitting patiently by my leg until I realize he's there, which means feed me, and/or pick me up and snuggle me.

With Bookie it was her "oh do I have to??" cry when she was on the counter & being given a hand signal to get down (she was so bright), or being talked to, a real "wah" of a cry, she was always very responsive to me.

How can we pick one thing? I know for me, my cats are woven into the fabric of my heart.
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i would miss Pixel climbing up & kneading my left shoulder after i turn off the light at night. when she's through kneading, she arranges herself around my neck & purrs.....
i would miss Java's kisses she gives me every evening when i get home - she stands on the table so i can lean over & kiss her nose...
i would miss Cable's soft presence at my feet every time i get up - i swear she has a foot fetish!
i miss my evening ritual with Mouse, which included headbutts, flank rubbing & belly scritches
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Something Chasey does?... I would miss her meowing at me in the kitchen.
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I'd miss Rosie's chattering when i get in from work, and with Sophie i would miss her curling up on me when i lie on the couch
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Oh man..i have 5

maggie i'd miss her telling on the other cats shes very vocal
smokey i'd miss his cuddles
simon i'd miss his 1 crossed eye when he woke up from his naps
willie i'd miss him trying to get under the covers to sleep w/me
lolo i'd miss his morning kisses & purrs
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I'd miss Sylvester's "fussing" (she complains when you move while she's lying on you, when she's hungry, when she wants to get under the covers, when she just wants attention - it's a real distinct fuss noise).

I'd miss Annie's habit of grabbing your hand when you try to pet her and holding it while she licks it all over.
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Originally Posted by hissy
I am working on the newsletter today Kitty Bytes and I am thinking of what comfort these cats bring to our lives.

I am wondering, what one thing your cat does that you would miss most if you found you had to leave her behind for whatever reason- or him as the case may be?

I would miss Prowler sleeping on my chest at night with her paws wrapped around my neck-
I lost Max in July. There are too many things I miss to write them all here. And there is no one thing that I miss more than anything else. I miss HIM and everything about HIM.
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Originally Posted by Bugaboo1
I lost Max in July. There are too many things I miss to write them all here. And there is no one thing that I miss more than anything else. I miss HIM and everything about HIM.

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I would miss Skyler waiting for us to come home at the end of a workday, with his scratchy voice.
Tucker with his big warm body, hanging out with me on the couch, or his quiet sweet voice talking to me.
Mini coming into bed at night with her little routine-kneading the covers for a minute, letting me pet her for a minute, then finally plopping down to sleep curled up against my chest, just under my chin.
These are only a few things...
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I would miss everything! The feel of their fur, the sound of the voices, the pitter patter of kitty feet running across the floor, the swarming at feeding time , the purrs, the headbutts, the kitty kisses, tickling whiskers, even kitty breath in my face!....I could go on but I think you get the idea!
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So, so many things. I would miss Sash cuddling in my arm at night, laying on my lap, kneading mommy, hugging his soft fur, the way he makes me smile and feel so happy everyday. I would also miss just staring at my beautiful boy and thinking how handsome he is. Gosh, I can't even think too much about this or I will get very down.
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I would miss the way Reilly looks into my eyes when I hold him like my little baby.
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Thread Starter 
Thanks guys, I was thinking as I was writing the newsletter about all the hurricane victims that had to give up their animals, and all they miss out of now- all that four-pawed comfort.
Thanks for your input- appreciated!
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Tuxie's bad attitude @the supperdish
Shadow's friendly trilling meow, when he chooses to grace us with his presence
Midnight's 80-grit tongue facials
Pansy's soft snore/purr in bed next to me at night
Bella's snuggles on the couch, and purring in my ear while she sleeps on my pillow

And like someone already said, waking up covered in cats, not being able to move under the covers for all the furry bodies around me
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I would miss Tosca's little "telephone impression"!! I really, REALLY miss Sprocket. Not because he did anything that particularly endeared him to me. I just miss *him* I think each cat is a very special little creature all by themselves... to not have a cat would be like missing a part of my soul.
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I've thought of more.

I'd miss Gibby trying to cover in the box, but scratching at the outside of the box, the top of the box, anywhere but inside the box!
And also I will miss him giving me headbumps when he's being cradled like a baby, and the way he sits on the ottoman by the backdoor rattling the knob and trilling when he wants porch
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I would miss my sanity, because I would go insane!
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You know what else I miss? I miss waking up in the middle of the night to what sounds like a herd of miniature elephants, but what's really my kittens chasing each other around the house I would always laugh when I awoke to that.
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