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What is the one thing you would miss?

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I am working on the newsletter today Kitty Bytes and I am thinking of what comfort these cats bring to our lives.

I am wondering, what one thing your cat does that you would miss most if you found you had to leave her behind for whatever reason- or him as the case may be?

I would miss Prowler sleeping on my chest at night with her paws wrapped around my neck-
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I would miss our conversations when i arrive at the door after work! She always has so much to tell me!! Its nice to know that shes waiting and happy to see me when i get home!!!
PLUS she keeps ALL my secrets!!! lol
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How hard to pick just one thing i would miss...I would miss the purring and headbutting that welcomes me home and tells me how much they missed me. I would miss the calmness i feel when they come to comfort me after a bad day and somehow put things into perspective for me.
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I would miss the "Poop Runs" . You know ... when they poop and then run like wild idiots through the house
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I wrote this for my little Carmen, who died a fortnight ago. It's perhaps a little sad for a newsletter, but it truly is the things I do miss.

The Things I will Miss

I will miss the way you used to bring me moths and butterflies in the summer.
Bushy tailed as a squirrel you would dart into the house from the garden
Eyes Alight you should sit in front of me and release the unharmed creature form your mouth
together we would watch the insect fly out of the house again.

I will miss the tickle of a tail in the morning wrapped around my neck,
A soft head laying gently against my shoulder.
The paws placed softly in my eyes to wake me, but no sound than a gentle pur
to bring me slowly into wakefulness.

I will miss the companion when jogging the wooded path,
turning my head to ensure you are there.
Together we ignored the stares of the uncomprehending
The wooded path seems lonely now, and the turned head reveals a void.

I will miss the patter of padded feet, as you informed me work was done
No paperwork was sacrosanct, no laptop in bed acceptable
All stress yielded to the gentle swish
of impatient tail and purposeful feet.

I will miss the annual mission to climb the Christmas tree
and rearrange the cards.
Why bother opening a box of tinsel, it will not glitter
When you are not there to make it your home.

I will miss the endless cooking experiments together
With you watching another impending disaster from your perch on the stool
licking your lips as you anticipated a failure
knowing we'd share whatever the result.

I will miss the comfort you gave me by staring into my eyes,
Whenever sour news darkened our home.
There is no-one to take the pain away or offer comfort
when the news is the sourest of all.

I will miss the Sunday afternoon gardening
supervising from the heights of the bench
how often I shouted when you insisted inspecting
only to place you gently in one I had dug with my bare hands.

These are but a few of the things I will miss, dear Carmen
now you are no longer at my side
I thank god for the fun and laughter we shared together
and hope you have found a peace from the pain I now feel

Sweet Dreams, my beloved Carmen

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I'd miss the companionship they provide, the comfort they offer, and the laughter they bring to my life with their sweet, crazy antics.
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I would miss having that soft furry body against me and the kitty kisses on my nose just before I'm falling asleep but even moreso waking up to find Bijou all tucked up against me and looking so serene and peaceful.
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I would miss the times that my boys jump up next to me on the couch and flop on top of me so they can snuggle.
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I don't even want to think about it, but waking up in the morning with both of them on the bed.
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Oh Gosh! I can`t even THINK about it!!!!
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I would miss him sleeping with me at night and greeting me in the morning when I wake up.
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It makes me very sad to even think of it, but what I would miss most is the sound of their meows...all 3 of my cats have very different meows.
I would also miss their unconditional love.
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I would miss so much - they are wonderful companions to me.

But I would especially miss the weight of our two indoor kitties sleeping next to me when I wake up in the morning.
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This is a sad thing to even think about. I would miss the purrs....And I would miss yowdy's headbutts and wanting me to kiss him on the head...He bump bumps and then I kiss him and bump bump kiss kiss and hes purring like crazy mixed in with a few siamese yows this goes on for 10 minutes at a time often!
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Definitely the headbutts!
Sitting on my lap for hours and hours.
The little chirp - brrrrrrp.
A cat who's so happy, he drools.
A fluffy butt in my face.
Elevator butt.
Watching a cat having a dream.
Being 'supervised' and 'helped' with daily chores around the house, even using the bathroom!
Tiny kittens meowing.
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The sandpaper tongue licks.
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From both- PURRING!
From Cosette- her incessant meowing for attention. Yeah, it can be annoying at 5am, but it's just her "thing" and I love her for it.
From Eponine- the bond that we share that is unparalelled by any other relationship I have ever had in my life. Words cannot describe it .
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the middle of the night special cuddles from reggie.
my foot licks from ronnie (and he snores )
the distainful looks from barnaby when his dinner isnt ready.but i wouldnt miss the kitty offerings in the dirt trays.
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Originally Posted by eilcon
I'd miss the companionship they provide, the comfort they offer, and the laughter they bring to my life with their sweet, crazy antics.

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I miss them waiting for me at the door when I get home from work, looking up at me so expectantly and happily.

I miss the hours of snuggling. When I would get home from work, my husband was often already in bed asleep. I liked to lay on the couch for a while, watch some TV and unwind. Gypsy, especially, would jump up and snuggle up as close as possible to me and purr away.

I miss giving belly rubs.

I, too, miss the "poop runs"

I miss playing with them, either with toys or as the toy myself.

I miss just looking at them all cuddled together while sleeping. They always looked so content.

I miss watching them hunt the bugs that would make their way into the house. I miss Tank's chattering (I don't know if this is what it's really called or not) while hunting these doomed critters.

There are a million other things I miss, but I suppose I should stop now before this response gets too long! I miss my cats so much.
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Having gone through this in the past year, I can tell you the companionship is number one. The sweet little meows, greeting me at the door, the excitement from them first thing in the morning, the head butts.....
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I would miss:
Oliver meowing at me to turn on his faucet for some water, or "faucee wa-wa" as we call it here. I would miss Emma waking me up at 7 every morning for snuggles.
And, of course, there are many, many other things I would miss.
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I would miss Lola's cat-scarf routine and I would miss Leo's INSISTANCE on regualr belly rubs.

Among countless other things.
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I would miss getting drive-by smacks by Gibby when minding my own business, getting attacked by a cat hiding in the door-mount cat tree when leaving the potty, and opening my drawers and finding a cat inside.

I would miss having bread made on me when I'm laying on the couch, having my seat stolen when I get up, Paige following me with a milk carton around the kitchen. Cats in the laundry. Getting nuzzle-tacked by purring kitties. Lemur-posing to get a head scritch.

Basically all those things I tell them they ought not do- I'll miss when they're not around to do them.

Aww.. I know what I'd really miss... Paige's underpants!
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I'd miss waking up covered in cats. Not cat hair, but cats.

I'd miss Skittles hopping up in my lap and then wriggling onto his back so I can hold him like a baby.
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I miss how Charley would run up the driveway to greet me when she'd hear the gate opening
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Yes, we would also miss the poop dash!

I would really miss the way Dax waits for me to come to bed at night - She starts hanging close to me as it gets late and then follows along to the bathroom, sitting patiently on the washing basket beside the sink waiting for me to finish washing my face etc.. She then waits for me to get settled with my pillow and curls up with a paw on my left shoulder
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I would miss how roxy sneaks up on me and scares the crap out of me. Or how he gets all mad when I poke his belly.
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I would miss my precious Sierra snuggling up as she honors me with her affection, kneading on me before turning in a circle to lie down for us to drift off to sleep together.

I would miss Serenity's loving purrs and the way she demands constant physical contact, kneading and loving on me, and cuddling up.

I would miss the duet my girls sing for me when I arrive home from work and when it's time to eat, headbutts, constant true, pure love.

This is a rather difficult question because it's practically impossible for me to imagine life without my babies.
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Chloe, rubbing on my leg then falling onto her back, begging for her tummy to be petted. All four feet straight up in the air, purring like crazy.

Sara, curled up next to my pillow at night, sleeping with her head against mine and her paw resting on my cheek.

I cant imagine being without them, what would I do
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