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So you think you can dance!

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I really enjoyed that show, and was so happy that Nick won. He is a brilliant dancer!
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I agree that he deserved the win. I was really surprised that it didn't come down to Nick vs. Blake-I was shocked that Jamail got more votes than Blake. As a hip-hop dancer he was spectacular but never showed the growth some of the other contestants did.
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I agree with both of you!! I was so upset when Blake left, but am terribly glad Nci won. He's such a little cutie, and oh what a dancer!!
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I was also happy that Nick won. I had hoped it would come down to Nick and Blake though.
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I've really enjoyed the show. I'm and ex-dancer myself, so I just love anything that involves dance.

I agree with the rest of you...Nick was far and away the best. I was surprised, too, that Blake was cut before Jamile. I was sorry to see Ashley go before Jamile, too. I thought she was really good.
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I personally wasn't sad to see Blake go. He was very good, however, he was already a professional dancer. And he was so conceited....... Nick was my pick for the guys, he grew alot and was awesome! My gawd, I've had a huge brain fart, I can't think of the female I wanted to win (even though there was only one winner). @#$#, you know, the one with the leg...... she was my favorite of the females.
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oh oh, I finally got it.....Melody.
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I agree..I liked Nick from the get go. He's a great dancer too..he can do it all!
YAY Nick! Much luck to ya.
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I loved that show. Nick was a brilliant dancer with a sparkle in his eyes.
When he danced...he was always the star. The right person won.
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I'm glad Nick won too however they end of the show was kind of dumb-they really didn't give him any time to respond to his win!!
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