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Toilet trouble

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Hi, posting on behalf of a friend..

His cat Ginger is 17 yrs old, female, FIP positive, a house cat..
She's geriatric but was spayed after a miscarriage when young after she was found to be fip positive.
He thinks she may have had a stroke, as she looks weaker down one side, and drags left leg a bit. Her right back leg is quite weak, though a main reason her legs are bad is because a pit bull attacked her about 5 years ago..

She is using the litter tray in the kitchen to sleep in, and kitchen corners to go to the toilet in.
She seems to lose control in that region now and again.

Her diet hasn't changed..

Any ideas whats wrong with her? The vet is due to see her, but said to watch if she deteriorates, mainly due to her age.

She is very special as my friend rescued her off some lads who had her covered in paint, with a string tied very tight around her neck, so he believes they were going to hang her... she has the loudest purr you ever heard because of it
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Ginger has had a very, very rough time of it!

As she is old and also possibly had a stroke, has he tried giving her a large, very low-sided litter box? The other option is to place litter boxes in the corners of the kitchen for a little while. She may just be becoming forgetful in her old age. If this is the case, it's possible to buy diaper-like garments from vets and good pet stores.
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I'll suggest that thanks,
here is a pic of Ginger and her friend if anyone is interested

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