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Am I doing this right?

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Hi there,

Well my kittens are almost 4 weeks old now and I am not sure if I am stimulating them properly to go to the bathroom. I use a moistened cotton ball after every feeding, however, in the last week or so, they have only pooped one time and they have only peed a few drops at a time. They "meow" like crazy when I am trying to get them to go. The vet was able to get my female to go and the size of her belly reduced. She peed alot. The male also is slightly bloated and I think it's because of the same reason. Like I said, whenever I do it, only a few drops come out. Is this normal? What is the best way or an alternative way to stimulate them?

Thanks so much
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Hi Sherry, please visit http://www.kitten-rescue.com/pooping_and_peeing.html to see different methods of how to stimulate a kitten.

At four weeks, kittens start to protest about being stimulated and this is your indication that they may be ready to use a litter pan. Please visit this link: http://www.kitten-rescue.com/four_to_five_weeks.html to see how to introduce kittens to a litter pan.
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Well, I have a 2 1/2 week old kitten and she wees quite a lot. Probably at least a teaspoon each time. Poop can be more irregular but if they haven't gone within 48 hours I would be getting them checked out by the vet.

Plus at 4 weeks they should be able to excrete without stimulation. Are they leaving wet patches anywhere?
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I suspect they have constipation now - "hard stomache". Why - dunno, there is probably something as they both have it.

They need probably something for loosening.
It is hurry now, I think. You cant wait and see any longer.

Ask veterinary ASAP -

AND look at the links if you dont get excellent advices from knowleable people.

so you have two questions: What to do NOW against the constipation. And WHY they have the constipation? Probably something in the food.
Do they have baby-cat milk? Swich perhaps: If it is Royal Canin - try with KMR.
If they have KMR-try Royal Canin.

If they have something else - try KMR!
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Thanks Everyone!

The links were helpful. They did do a poopie last night and they are continuing to pee when stimulated. I am using the KMR formula, as that is the one recommended by the vet, but I will also check out the Royal Canin because I have heard wonderful things about their producs as well.

Thanks everyone
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