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I´ve moved once again

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well, as some of you have noticed i have not posted much recently, because i have been really sad and too busy argueing.
Yesterday i got all my stuff in the truck and headed home to frankfurt.
Ben was kind enough to drive but only brought up two things and left my mother and i bringing the rest of books and boxes up the 5th floor by our selves, it took us from 7 pm till 12:30 to get everything done. ( we have no alivator)
I feel really sick moving here, i will have to find a place to move to soon, as i dont plan to stay at my parents for long.

I stil miss ben, but i havent shed a tear since he left.

Teufel and Kaylee are getting along just fine! we bought a rabbit cage because my mother was staying with us (the bunny was here) and we transported them in that, im glad to say they werent so angry in the car and now in the house they already know everything as if its like home.

Teufel misses ben though, but i know that he knows whats going on.

Time flies too fast
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Fran! you've made the first big step chick and i'm proud of you!

Just take it one day at a time and it will get better. Just show Ben that you can live your life perfectly without him and when your ready you will move on i promise you and you will meet someone else because i have
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hang in there take it one day at a time im sending good vibes your way that things will get better

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Fran....I hope all works out for you. I don't know you real well, but I've read previous posts, and I feel this is a good decision that you made and soon enough, you will miss Ben less and less. I'm not saying that you'll forget him, 'cause you can never forget any love, but the ache won't hurt so bad. You are in my prayers, and I'm sending lots of vibes your way.
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You have taken the first steps and that is always the hardest part. Now you can take time to ddecide what to do next. Don't rush into anything, think it all out, especially as you and hte kits have somewhere safe for the moment. Good luck with it all - I am sure it will all work out and you will have a wonderful life ahead.
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Fran I am so proud of you . I know that things will stabilize and then get so, so much better!

Being a big quote fan, I'm going to share with you a few quotes that may help you (or hopefully help at least a little bit) during this difficult but important time:
"There is a palace that opens only to tears."~Zohar

"I saw sorrow turning into clarity."~Yoko Ono
"Three words were in the captain's heart. He shaped them soundlessly with his trembling lips, as he had not breath to spare for a whisper: "I am lost." And, having given up life, the captain suddenly began to live."~Carson McCullers

" 'Hope' is the thing with feathers- That perches in the soul- And sings the tune without the words- And never stops- at all-"~Emily Dickinson

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."~Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Congrats on this next big in your life! stay strong!
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I'm sorry about how you are feeling right now. It's not easy, but you have made the right choice.
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Originally Posted by fwan
Time flies too fast
Good Luck Fran......I hope don´t have a lot of stress with this again and you can be OK settled soon!..
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You are a strong person and good things will go your way!
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Don't you people know how to pwonounce Fwan? Do I have to dig up the talk-like-Fwan thread again? Anyway, take care of youself Fwan and don't rush things too much.
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Aaaaw I did wonder sweetie - I'm sorry it turned out this way - but in the end I know you deserve much better than to be treated the way you have been. It'll be a rough ride for a little while, I think, but if it all gets too much, you're always welcome to come north and come stay with me for a bit - change of scenery will do you no end of good Besides, I know of a very sweet and incredibly elligible bachelor (Oh yes, did I mention good looking?) All joking aside, I know it's tough, but you'll make it - at least I know there are a lot of people here who'll make sure you do.
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Well the next big step has been taken.
So what other plans have you made besides looking for a new place??
This is a good move for you-you deserve more happiness in your life.
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I am going back to australia at the end of next month and staying at my best friends. If i like it i will apply to miagrate and finish off what ive always wanted to do, school, and work. If i am lucky i might find prince charming
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I know that you might not feel like celebrating Fran - but congratulations on taking the controls and steering your life in the direction you want it to go . Teufel may take a bit of time to get used to the change, but I'm sure he'll be delighted to know that life is getting better for his mommy now . I wish only good things for you Fran.
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Hugs and positive prayers coming your way. It's great that you want to go home to Australia and finish your schooling. Best of luck to you.

BTW - this is Ben's loss not yours.
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Fran, I'm so glad you're planning on finishing your schooling, even if it does mean going all the way back to Australia. As for Ben - you're 19. and time will heal a lot of wounds. That's not just a cliché. And you're free of his mother! I suppose your parents are thrilled to have you back home.
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Fran, I'm so sorry you're going through all this, but it sounds like you've taken a positive step and have made some great plans for the future.

Hang in there...the future hold much, much better things for you!
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