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Is This normal???

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I have a male tiger striped cat named Jazzie Boy and I've just started noticing something that has me worried.

His sides seem to be sunk in. He is about 15 months old and has a good appetite, he plays with my little female cat and they are totally indoor cats and have had all of their shots. The sunk in area is back towards his back legs. He weighs 10 pounds but also weighed this same amount back in December of last year. He doesn't seem sick, but I'm still worried.

I keep them treated for fleas with a name brand once a month application I gt from the vet. I keep them both treated monthly, even though I haven't seen a flea on either one of them for over a year. His stools seem normal. He has good urine output also. He is a very long cat and he even has a little pooch for a belly. He looks a bit swayed back because he is so long.

I'm just wondering if I need to take him to the vet and be checked?

I apreciate any and all replies and I thank you very much!

Leigh Ann (AttaGirl)
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Seems fine to me... but as a personal guideline, anytime something worries me, I send my kitties in for a vet check. Even if there's nothing wrong with them, it's no harm letting the vet take a looksee. It'll also buy you peace of mind.

If something's not normal, then you'd be nipping the problem in the bud instead of waiting for it to get worse. Good luck with JazzieBoy! Post some pictures of your cats somewhere won't you? Or have you already?
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A healthy male in good condition is often rather thin and muscled, no? If he plays much with his "little sister" he will not be fat either. No way.

Is he fertile? A fertile tom are often more or less thin - and somethimes thinner and thinner - only thing to do in those cases is to neuter...

If they dont have fleas, and no source of fleas available as they indoor cats, it it perhaps not necessary to unfleas them every months. I dont do it with our cats.

Did you looked if he there are traces of worms in the poo?

If there are NOs thorought, do a check up with your vet, if possible next time you are in for shots if it is soon. If not soon, ask opinion per telephone if possible. (I mean, vet check up is advised, but not all cats are insuranced, and not all people are made of money...* sadly smile*)
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