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Our Daily Thread for Sat 2/16

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Well, happy weekend to all my fellow TCS members! Its WARM here in the northeast today. Bright and sunny actually. I have spent the entire day inside, I had a busy week and I was looking forward to just being a homebody today. I made fried dough for my kids, baked some chocolate chip cookies for my company that is coming over tonight, and got my house clean. Productive for not ever leaving!!!

So, what's everyone else doing this weekend??
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I've had a busy day! Was up at 7 am because that's what time the S/O had to get up to go to work. I loafed around until around 9 and then went to the gym. On my way home I stopped at Designer Shoe Warehouse and treated myself. Bought a killer pair of lace up 3/4 boots with at 4 inch heel. They were orginally $70, marked down to $59 then 40% off of that, and then they were having a clearance sale so they were an extra 50% off of the $35, so I got em for $17.50!! That made my day.

Then I drove an hour to go to Trader Joes with a friend. Got a ton of fresh yummy treats. Got some cheese and garlic sausage for the S/O as well as a 5 layer bean dip. Then back home to put the groceries away. Then back out to fill up the propane tank and stop and get some other things they didn't have at TJ. Stopped at K-mart and their Kathy Ireland line of work out clothes were marked down to $4 and $5!! So I got a few things. Finally got home around 5:30 and I'm exhausted.

Still got make some ice tea on the stove and start some laundry. Hopefully I'll get my second wind. We should be staying in tonight. I don't feel like going anywhere.

Daniela, sounds like your day was really productive! I think I'm going to do stuff like that tomorrow. Cook and clean.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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