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Separation anxiety comes back

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some background: I got Joshua in February from the Humane Society. He had only been at the shelter for a couple of days and already he displayed signs of depression. Once I got him home, he perked right up but was always anxious (and vocal!). He would get upset when I was away.
When I was home, he would follow me around everywhere, snuggle all the time and even sleep on top of me at night.

It was kind of nice at times but I knew he would do better with a cat friend. So I got Kinah to keep him company. The two cats just love each other, play together and snuggle together.
Joshua stopped showing signs of separation anxiety. He didn't meow constantly anymore. He even stopped being so close to me, probably because he felt more secure and independent.

All was well, both cats were happy.

About a month ago, we moved. The cats adjusted well to the new place and seemed really happy.
Joshua started following me around a little more, which I didn't mind at all. But now he is showing signs of separation anxiety again. He meows when I go take a shower, follows me around everywhere and always waits by the door when I come home. He will also meow at random times just to get some attention.

Could it be that he hasn't adjusted to the move as well as I thought?

Or maybe it's because I don't have a regular 9-5 schedule anymore (some days I'm home all day, others I'm gone for a few hours, and often I'm gone all day)?

Is there anything I can do to comfort him?
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Aww, sweetie, I know how you feel . It's terrible to not be able to communicate with our critters, but we know they are creatures of habit, and love routine. I would suggest -- even though you are not home at the same intervals during the day -- see if there is a common time when you are home to play with him, or have some "Me & Cat Time."

I started doing some PT with my cats when integrating them. They used to fight ALL THE TIME. Now they are civil but will chase each other around the house pretty civilly. It's great.

Napoleon not only has separation anxiety, but I think in his prior living arrangement, he may have been neglected somewhat. We just have to coddle him a lot, and Cassie is a very good girl who is somewhat independent, but needs to be coddled as well. I find that play time is an effective way of maintaining good relations with your cat, and makes them more at ease.

Another thing -- I play, then feed them. So it seems to give them more incentive...get their exercise...get yummy food Good luck.
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