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It feels like it has been forever since I was last here. I just wanted to drop back by and say hello to everyone! How has everyone been? I can see a lot has changed since I was here last, wow!

The cats are all doing good, fully adjusted to being in Virginia now. I am doing fine, I stuck with my job and will be there for a year in March. I got a $1.50 raise, which is still nothing, but it is definately a start! Mom is still looking for a permanent job, and we think she might of found one about an hour away. If that is the case, I will be staying here and looking for a place to live. Maybe even buying my own house! When that happens, we will decide what we are going to do with the babies (I dread deciding who gets who, even though I know I will still be visiting them).

Anyways, just saying hi, I'm going to try and come around more often, I miss everyone!
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Glad to see you back!
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It sounds like you are off to a good start. Some people work for several years before a raise. Good to know you and your kitties are ok.
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So wonderful to see you! Glad all is going so well!
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Hi Meagan! It's been a long time! Good to see you back on here! Glad to hear everything is going okay!!
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Hi Meagan! Glad to see you pop in! It sounds like things are going well - which is great!

It's great to hear that the kits have settled well, too!

I have missed your signature with Mia, Molly's twin!
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Thank you everyone! Even though I haven't been on, I am still always recommending this site to anyone and everyone who has cat questions.

Just thought I'd pop in this morning before I head off to work, today is moving day there, moving from one building, to another. Should be interesting!

Have a great day everyone.

P.S. Stephanie! I noticed little Serenity, how absolutely adorable!!!
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Hello Chick! ....you always been missed here.......

See you soon!
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