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Eaten foreign object?

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This might be kind of long, so I apologize. We have a 9 mo. old kitten, Rezzie, who is a garbage disposal. Last week I caught him trying to eat string, took it away from him and found a feather wand next to our bed...wand & feather there, but no string. I've not seen any string in the box, so hopefully he just hid it really well somewhere. Last night, he brings a spring to the bedroom. We heard the 'ching' when he dropped it. I immediately took it away from him and threw it away. Tonight, he's acting odd and he cries when his stomach is pressed. He's eaten a couple of bites of kibble, but I've not seen him go to the box or drink water. He's acting lethargic too. I also picked him up & placed him on my chest earlier & he was extremely warm, but his temp was 102 (normal? -temp taken with an ear therm). He's also breathing a bit faster than normal & swallowing a lot.

So I freak, call my regular vet whom I've been faithful too ever since he's been here - about 10 years maybe. Anyway, he said that since Rezzie's not vomiting and doesn't seem to be dehydrated that he should be ok until morning but if I want to bring him in for emergency, I could. I really didn't know what to do & told the vet that. He repeated that he would see him tonight if I wanted. I told the vet that I'd like to go ahead & bring him in because if I don't, I won't sleep any tonight. My vet then sighs and says, 'I'll be there in about 40 minutes. I just walked in the door and I'd really like to eat.' Granted, he may have had a bad, long day, but the sigh & tone he used was irritating. I may be over reacting wanting Rezzie seen tonight, but he would be getting paid. So, after his tone of voice, I said that I would just watch Rezzie tonight and bring him in the morning. I'm really irritated at the tone used with me. Am I over reacting with that as well?

Rezzie is still on the bed sleeping and doesn't act right. I just know that something is wrong. I called another vet, but I'm not sure if he checks his messages in the evening. Should I call another vet? Am I nuts?

You know, it's a good thing that I don't have human children. I'd drive everyone nuts, including myself.
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I'm the same way! But it does sounds to me like your kitty should be seen tonight. Trust your instincts because they are probably right.....anyway, it's better to over react and be embarrased if nothing is wrong than the alternative...IMO.
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Seeing first hand what string can do to kitties, I would do to the vet. String is quite dangerous and should be supervised play only-
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I agree that he should probably be seen tonight. Poor little fellow may have swallowed something nasty and it's best to be safe than sorry.
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