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Getting a kitten...what breed/m/f

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I'd like to get another cat. However, I'm afraid. My cat, Tabby is nine years old. She's lived with other animals before, but never really became buddies with any of them. For the last 5 years it's just been her with me and my husband. She's pretty timid and I'm sure she'll be really pissed off, but I just think another cat might be good for her. She's a tortoise-shell colored, long-haired, tabby cat. Any recommendations on what breed and should I get a male or female?
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Well, I don't know about breed or sex, but I would think you might want to try for a more relaxed, sweet tempered kitty rather than a real energetic one. Good luck!
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In general, the rule of thumb is to get as different of a cat as possible so there would be less perceived threat. Also in general spayed female cats have the hardest time accepting a new cat. . . since they have the smallest territory, they defend it more agressively than an intact male cat who feels pretty full of himself.. . as well he should because he has the largest territory.

So in your circumstances, a male kitten would be the least likely to cause your adult female to feel threatened.

I am combining two adult females. . . one is perfectly socialized to other cats, the other has been indoor only her whole life, and an only cat as well. Guess who is having a bit of a fear aggression problem??

Good luck. . .oh and be sure to make the transition as slow as possible.
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If you adopt from a shelter, the volunteers could probably give you a good assessment of the kitten's personality.
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