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Costume trim

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Anyone know where I can find some nice 2" trim for my Halloween costume. Something w/ metallic would be nice, but everything I find that's 2" has wire in it. ARGHHHH!

Any ideas where to look? Especially online.......
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Do you not have a local fabric store of a good size? I know how frustrating it can be looking for just the right trim (I used to be into fantasy costuming some years back.) I've also occasionally gone to a thrift store and lucked up on old prom dresses or suchlike that may not be in the best of shape but have the trim I can salvage.

eBay is always good .

If you want plain braid you might do a search for "soutache" which is another term for the just plain metallic ribbon.

Also I'm not sure what all's here, but I did a search for "costume supplies" and came up with this site:


I'd be surprised if somebody didn't have a good selection of braid and trim. Fantasy costumers especially are quite fond of "sparklies" .
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A fabric place like Rag Shop or Joanne's would be good. (Not sure if they are in your area) Or try Walmart. The one by us has a nice fabric section. Or, of course, EBAY! lol
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I have a Wal-Mart, but they don't have anything in that width that isn't wired. The idea of salvaging from a thrift store is a good one, hadn't thought of that.

Unfortunately I have to drive an hour to get to any fabric store and my car is totally not trustworthy for out of town trips. LOL Hence looking online.
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