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Should I or Shouldnt I.....

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i stopped at a local no kill shelter today-- veyr very small-- they are donation only and limited intake. No government funding so their business card says. They had a total of 3 dogs and 15 cats. 4 of the cats were full grown and the other's were kittens-- 8 of those kittens are about 4-6 months old-- This is the age im looking for and since the feral kitten i was feeding was killed, im still looking-- they also had someone drop off 3 orange tiger kittens ( 6 weeks old approx) this morning and they were sooo cute. i dont want a baby kitten-- i want someone for Peanut Butter to play with because during the day all he does is sleep with my geriatric chinese crested dog.

My son would adore another cat and I want one so bad i can taste it. The kit is a nuetered male, gorgeous dark makeral tabby with white toes and a liver colored nose and eye trim, felv neg, UTD shots and in great health. Purrs all the time and VERY VERY active. PB, our current kitten is 6 months old and is loveable but i dont think he knows hes a cat per se-- we have had him since he was 4 weeks old-- i know young to be away from mom but there were serious extenuating circumstances-- he doesnt seem to know cat language for one and i worry about him doing nothing but sleeping all day. ( we set up a video camera to watch him for about a week and the whole week he layed in the same place on our bed and slept until i came home, then plopped back down and slept the rest of the day and sleeps all nite too)

so should i get this kitty or not?

He was all over me but my only holdback on him is he was scratching up everything when they let him and his brother and sister out of their room when i stopped in. I trained PB not to claw things using softpaws and i havent had to use them in several weeks-- i still have enough for one application left and will be happy to order more, and we have 2 scratching posts, and tons of toys for PB. Declaw is not an option in our house-- i wont allow it-- is it hard to train them not to scratch furniture? i will be clipping claws on a regular basis if i do get him.

Should i wait and find a more laid back kitty or what? Please help me decide-- this kitty has a wonderful playful attitude. And hes adorable to boot. ARGGHh! decisions decisions....

comments anyone?
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I would say go for it. Helping a kitty that needs a home is always a great thing. Perhaps having such a playful kitty in the house will help your PB get off his lazy butt!

Let us know what you decide.
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Get him!!! Just my opinion.
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they say if you arent sure about something to ask 7 people, and wait 7 days ( i think theres one more thing with that saying but i cant remember it) so i need a few more people to respond with their ideas
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When I adopted Dexter & Sadie I knew that my furniture would never be the same. They were holy terrors. I don't regret a second of my decision to bring them home. My kitties are priceless. My furniture is just

Just be sure about your decision. This kitty deserves a forever home. He may want to scratch your furniture but if you can become comfortable with that...he sounds wonderful.
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Sounds like opposits to me (the kitties) Might make for best buddies like mine are. (ONLY thing mine have in common is that they are both felines....otherwise, looks and personality are total opposits) ...and you could`nt ask for a better relationship. They bring out the best in each other.
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i think you should go for it!! good luck!
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Go for it .. and pick up one of those turbo cat toys that have the ball in it and the cardboard insert in the middle .. put some cat nip in the cardboard and they will learn to leave your furniture alone. Plus they love the ball They will learn to use the cardboard as their scratching post because they will try to dig for the cat nip. It works great at my place and I always have foster kittens and my own 8 cats .. my furniture looks great!! You can pick them up at any Walmart.
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I think you should go for it! There are tons of ways to keep kitties from scratching the furniture, so that should never be an obstacle. (Just pack away anything super precious like a family heirloom until you see how things are going to go.)

We have applied stickypaws to our furniture, we provide scratching posts and praise and reward for its use, and we clip nails regularly. We haven't had to apply softpaws to the boys yet, because they are doing so well! (Softpaws are great, but I have heard they can make scratching the scratching post less enjoyable, so I won't be applying them to the boys unless we have trouble.)

I think the new kitty will get PB off his lazy tail. ^^
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I'd get him - Sounds like a great cat who just needs some care and attention - I'm sure he'll grow out of the scratching if you train him from day one!!!
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I want to say go for it, but at the same time, if you are doubting this particular cat, maybe you should wait ... nothing would be more awful than to bring him home, realize you made a mistake, then take him back to the shelter. Just an opinion, with my two cats, one came from the Humane Society, the other a stray, when I saw them I knew that they were the ones ... no doubts.
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I say let your heart decide and I think we all know what your heart is saying to you...

go and adopt him - sounds to me that you will not regret it
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Well i just wanted to update this OLD post-- Obviously, I didnt get that kitten. And I think I know why God didnt allow me to get him. My FIL is very ill and is not expected to make it much longer-- When he passes we will be inheriting his 15 yr old (maybe older) tabby cat. Beavis is declawed, neutered, very obese, and horribly unsocial. Its going to be a horrid change for him-- going froma very quiet home with him as the only indoor animal to one with 2 young children, 2 busy adults, a chinese crested dog, 2 german shepherds, and a 8 mo old kitten. The kids already know to stay away from beavis when we are over at FIL's house-- he will bite (draw blood biting) anyone for just walking by. When we bring him over ill post some pics in fur pictures. I guess the good Lord just knew that we didnt need 3 cats in our house. he was watching out for poor beavis.
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we respect you Decision......
Thanks for tell us about it...
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I would go an get another food bowl if I were you and bring that kitty home ASAP !!...sounds like a match !!!!
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ooooops !!....sorry....I didn't read the second page.....I guess the Lord knows.....
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I think most often you don't get to pick the cat - instead the cat picks you!

My feeling is that if you are trying to talk yourself *out* of adopting a particular cat, that's a pretty good sign that he's wormed his way into your heart and it was meant to be.
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Sorry about your FIL being so ill, but how great that you can take Beavis in! Maybe he can stay in a separate bedroom at first until he gets accustomed to the flow of your house. (With all those kids and critters, I know you don't really have an extra room, but maybe you can find him a quiet corner!)

Best of luck with Beavis!
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Poor Beavis sounds like a very difficult cat. I hope things work out for you all. About the kitten, I was going to say I never have any luck keeping them from clawing the furniture. Also they would have been two males. I'm all for adopting every kitten out of every shelter, but ...
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