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Just try ...

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Typing like this !

What? I was sleeping, you know!
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How cute!!, he's only trying to be your little helper!

He is beautiful
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Wow...that is a beautiful cat!! I'd let him pester me at the computer too!!
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He's such a beautiful boy! and getting bigger every day!
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Wow, he has such beautiful coat colors! Very pretty!
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Now I'll be watching for this cat's addition to Reilly's. Always love his photos too. Is this Narsil or Mithril?
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He grows more handsome every day. Just look at those huge paws. He loves his Mommy...lucky you.
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Originally Posted by BabyGirl'sDawn
Now I'll be watching for this cat's addition to Reilly's. Always love his photos too. Is this Narsil or Mithril?
It's Mithril. He is a beauty
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This is Mithril, he's the lap cat. While Narsil is actually more laid back and likes being picked up more (Mith's hyper and has more important things to do!) he's not as affectionate as Mithril and definitely has a "So?" attitude toward most things . Although Narsil's reeeeeeeeal affectionate if you're trying to eat. Mith's the one that comes and wants to get into my lap several times a day, although he won't usually settle for more than 5 minutes or so. However this afternoon if he hadn't gotten so relaxed that he slithered off my lap he probably would've stayed there for an hour or two anyway.
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Try it with two of them...

(and yes, I'm wearing shorts under the kittens. They're blue.)
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I think you win ! Somewhere, I've got a pic of my mom covered up in kittens. I'll have to see if I can find it.
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Oh MY! The "feathering" on that cat is beautiful. He can lay on my lap while I type too!
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Wow!! I can't handle one small cat in my lap when I'm at the computer. Then again, I put the keyboard on my lap because I don't have a good desk!!
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OMG!!! Cuteness overload alert!!! Too many beautiful kitty-cats....
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I volunteer to take Mithril on my lap while you type!!!

Don't blame me if I don't return him though, he's gorgeous!
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What a beauty, I Love those maine coons. I have 3 babie girls and 2 will be on me and one on the desk at most times, I can never see what I'm doing
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Wow, he is so handsome!!!
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He's gorgeous!

So silvery - it's beautiful!
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Mine do the same thing , if I want any peace at all while in the bathroom unless I close the door, they are in my lap right away and they won't leave till I do
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Is that a smirk on his face in the second pic?
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