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how's Viki doing? I pray she is well!!!
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Hey Renjith how are things going with Viki?
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hi guys .. long time .. forgot to post aftr ur msg board went offline some time back ... anyways viki is doin fine... except she likes to soil the floor at times .. btw any idea what breed of a cat she is .. i mean the scientific name or sumthing like that .. just to know since her ears and legs keep getting longer ..

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Oh she is gorgeous, and doing so well

I really don't think I have ever seen a kitten with such large ears
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I'm so happy Viki is doing well. I don't know if I've seen a kitten with such huge ears! Hope everything is going well.
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she is sooooooooooooooo ADORABLE!!! I love her!!!
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shes cute
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I am SO glad she is doing well. Here is Oklahoma we would call her a Domestic Short Hair with Tuxedo markings.

Her ears remind me of some Lynx varieties. I tried to find a link, but the closest I could come was a wild cat that lives in Palestine and Jordan and is said to be the ancestor of modern domestic cats. Maybe she has a little wild mix in her.

I'm glad you posted again. She is so sweet.
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She could give a few bats a run for their money.

Just joking. She really is very beautiful and I'm so happy you took her in and are giving her a wonderful home.

You are my hero!
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hey a small problem .. viki's left eye watered a bit too much today morning .. whats cud be the possible reason ?
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Regs, I don't know why her eye is watering more than usual. But I'm sure others on the board will be able to help you. I did want to say that Viki is adorable and so precious looking. She makes me think of an abyssinian mix. (Abyssinians have big ears) That's not what she is, but her features are unique and interesting.

Thank you for taking care of her! She is very sweet and cute.
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how is viki doing?

do you snuggle with her a lot? kittens and cats need a lot, a lot, a lot of love. well, i guess all living things do, right? is she eating anything more these days? i hope all is going well....let us know how you're both doing when you get a chance.
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This is the first time I've checked back on this thread since close to the beginning, and I am SO GLAD she is doing better! Viki is just the cutest little thing! Like Hissy mentioned in an earlier post, her watery eyes could just be a cold or could be worse, I don't know enough to say anymore. It may help to get a SOFT,WARM cloth and wash her face off in the morning and at night (especially around the eyes). I'm sure more people will be around to help! Thank you for taking care of this baby, she will love you forever because of it!
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Renjith, you have earned a special place in heaven by saving this kitten. And I think the experience of learning how to care for her has helped you to grow as a person, too... your posts reflect your deepening sense of compassion.

Maybe you'll grow up to be a veterinarian, and help people in your country come to appreciate the joy of having companion animals!
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I have just found your thread, and you are a hero for taking care of the little mite. Have your parents come round to the idea yet ?

Your cat looks beautiful ! I am not sure of the breed, but it reminds me of the cats I saw in Tunisia, so don't be too worried if she always looks skinny, they are just like that. I guess it's some kind of arab/african trait to be skinny, long-legged and big-eared (as a cat ).

Having been to Tunisia several time, I think I know what you mean, regarding peoples attitude towards cats. They like them to keep the bugs at bay, but would never consider them in a european/american pet-like way, and I guess with the current situation getting to an american Vet is not exactly easy.

Let me know, if I can help you with cat-food. It will be too expensive to send wet food, but I may be able to send dry cat food out to you. The only trouble is, that I can not guarantee that it doesn't contain any pork.

How is the cat doing with cow's milk ? Has it got very smelly soft poo (kinda like toothpaste), or just slightly smelly normal poo ? I am amazed that you can't find goat's milk in the UAE, but then I am guessing from my experience in Tunisia, where goat's milk is quite common (up to the point that cow's milk is actually imported for tourists, as they don't tend to like goat's milk in Tea...).

Cat litter, you will have to improvise. It's too expensive to send (it's too heavy to carry home, lol), but fine sand is good, as it clumps. You can also use all the other suggestions from before, I can send you a scoop.

How is the ringworm situation ? It's a very common infection and school kids get it occasionally. You may eve have had it as a kid. Not sure how common it is in towns, but my daughter managed to catch it in London !

here is a good link:

Anyway, enough rambling. I am glad you have given the cat a chance and please let us know how things go. She is definitely georgeous !

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Any updates?
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she is cute... she reminds me of my sick kitten....awwsies...

Im happy the kitten is doing well
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Hey, you have done very well with her!!!! Congrats!!! I'd say she is a dsh but maybe a touch of Oriental with those big ears. She is a cutie!! Great job!!
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