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you can trim her claws so that she doesnt scratch up your furniture and such. If you start it at a young age she will get used to it and it wont be a problem.
having said that however, I dont believe everyone does it and it is NOT necessary to do.
we can give you advise on how to do this if you wish tho but this is a far way down rhe track.

to stimulate for poop you need to rub her bottom with a warm cloth or similar before or after she has fed... or whenever you can really if you have food down for her all the time.
Her mother cat would of done this naturally for her to show her how to do it - so now you need to help her.
try this link http://www.kitten-rescue.com/pooping_and_peeing.html
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Oh qwprince...I`m so glad that your kitten is finally eating. That is an answer to many prayers. Many of us have been following this thread and thinking of you and this little one.
I have 2 cats and they are not declawed, and I do not clip thier nails. (They would just sharpen them again anyhow) and they only scratch on their post and the underside of their wooden bed, which is OK with me. Your kitten will try to scratch in places that you do not want her to do it, but when she does just tell her "NO" and pick her up and take her to where it is OK with you for her to scratch and put her paws on it , making them go like a cat would scratch to show her it is OK there....and praise her while you are doing it. She will get the idea if you repeat this as often as you catch her ...just keep reminding her.When she does go to the right place on her own be sure you PRAISE and pet her A LOT to let her know how happy you are about what a good kitty she is being. You can even cover a board or post with carpeting and she can use that.
Is she able to go poop yet?
Have you given her a name yet?
I don`t know why I keep saying "she"....do we even know yet if it is a girl or a boy???
Continued prayers,
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I agree witht he above. I don't trim my cats' nails, but I have trained them to only scratch on rough sisal door mats that I scatter around. It is quite easy to do. However, that is a bit in the future and I am so glad that so far your kittne in doing OK. It is important she poops though, try and do it if you can.
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Good morning qwprince....Just wondering how you and your kitty are getting along. PLEASE do let us know!
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How is the little one going? I just found out from another post that there is an active non-profit society named Feline Friends in Abu Dhabi and the other towns in the UAE which specialises in finding homes for abandoned or stray cats and kittens. They may be able to help you.
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the kitten is doing fine .. runs around .. poops & pees happily .. it got much better .. plays a lot .. but it only takes milk & biscuits dipped in milk .. nothing solid otherwise ..

ok i 'think' its a she .. & i named her "viki" --> the AI in I Robot .. :-)

ps: she was not wet when i took the pictures .. she was just thin ..
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Oh what GREAT NEWS!!! That is an answer to prayers!
Viki is a pretty name...although she might bet teased a bit if she ends up being a he!
Please post pics when you get a chance..... :-)
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Guys just a note, please be careful when giving home remedies or vet advice to this membership.

If you are a vet, that is one thing, but even then- most vets will not dispense any type of advice over the internet. It is just to risky. You have no idea if what you are putting out will harm the other cat, because a). you cannot see this cat and b) you have no knowledge of other health issues.
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Good news Renjith!
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I've just caught this thread...Prince, you are AWESOME for helping this kitty!!! Please keep doing anything in your power to help save her life! She is precious!!!

Bless you for being so kind!!!
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I am really glad she is doing well. You must have done all the right things! Good luck with the next stages.
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You can go to the Feline Friends in Abu Dabi. http://www.felinefriendsuae.com/

I hope things are going well for you and the kittie!
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Prince has not replied in a while I hope the cat is still alive.
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I too hope the kitten is OK - I had not seen this thread in awhile (That's what happens when you read New Posts which is how I do it, sigh!) If the kitten is thriving (I so hope so but she looked so sick!), declawing is illegal in Dubai (It is almost every once British colonies except Canada,NZ and Australia and if you want to consider the US a former British colony, lol)

Any news on the little one?
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Actually Prince replied early today and said the little baby was doing well. His reply is a few threads before yours.
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Way to go pRINCE!!!!
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hey thanks everyone .. viki is really doing fine ... now she likes to jump up my couch & snuggle to the corner .. which atleast for the time being is illegal for her ..

i dont know why everyone keeps bringing back the idea of declawing .. at that point i dint know much abt it & i was just asking .. & finally i did mention that "IM NOT DECLAWING THE KITTEN" .. but will trim her nails "IF" she starts to scratch really bad ..

& keith pls dont get any more crazy ideas ..

heres the pics of viki ...

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Aawww, she's so cute. She's got really big ears, doesn't she! I'm glad you sent pictures.

Thank you qwprince, for taking care of this little one.

I'll leave off the advice. I'm sure you have learned quite a bit already. I'm really glad you posted today, because this is one of my favorite threads.
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Great pictures!
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I'm happy the kitten's doing well and that you are doing a really good job. I've been following this thread from the beginning.
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Thanks for sharing the new pics qwprince. I`m so glad that Viki is doing well now. Keep us posted so we can watch her grow into a big, beautiful cat!
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hey like u guys mentioned .. she really has big ears & whiskers .. is it just natural ?

& i know its a normal house cat - but does her breed have any specific name .. just wanted to know ..
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Originally Posted by qwprince
hey like u guys mentioned .. she really has big ears & whiskers .. is it just natural ?

& i know its a normal house cat - but does her breed have any specific name .. just wanted to know ..
I don't think so. Wow though! Those ears are HUGE. So cute!
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Her eyes do look a bit watery she may have a cold, but otherwise she looks like she is doing better.
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Look at those paws and ears, this is going to be one big cat! Congrats on getting this tiny one this far-
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yay!!! I'm sooooo happy for Viki!!!

You've done a fantastic job!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! I love her big ears!

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I'm so glad Vicki is OK!

I took one look at her original photos - and was ready to fly there and take her to every vet we could find! And her current ones - she is looking better - and I'm totally in love with her! There is just something about the little ones that need us...

Great thread. OP- thank you for being so kind.
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Awww, Viki is ADORABLE!! Look at those ears, how cute is that?!

Bless you for taking her in and taking care of her! What a great home she has found!!
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Qwprince...Viki was apparently starving when you found her....so she was tiny. I wonder though if possibly she might be a little older than we had all thought originally. Kittens do go through a stage when their ears appear big by comparison to the rest of them....but eventually their bodies catch up....anyhow, her big ears are cute!
You are doing a great job with her. I`m so glad that you saved her life!
Be sure to post more pictures soon....they get big so fast, and we all want to watch her grow.
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