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New site  

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Did you guys see Catarinas new site she made?
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Nope. What site? Who are you? What are you talking about? Are you feeling okay?
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My name is JEBB LEE
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Stop your lies foolish Klink!
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Yeah Klunk! hahahahaha! :laughing2 I better go, I have to get to my site! :laughing2

Over & Out....
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Catarina has started a site that is sure to give TCS a good run for the money ( in my opinion at least ) Right Catarina????????
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Well, TCS is TCS and mine is waaaaay cooler! hahaha! J/K!!! Just a different site altogether, it has a different groove per se'.
I would say it's way more relaxed...you can say whatever you want to say, NO PORN! hahaha! Just a bunch of smartass's that will bend the rules and we enjoy that...TCS has been around for two years now...I've only started and there's so much to learn. Seems to me that the members are really happy...they post quite a bit and the subject content, although a bit loose is quite comical. If people like to laugh, then my site's the place to visit. TCS is a great site, with members like Sandy and GayeF that can give alot of information about the health and care about them...Hopefully we can provide that soon...

It's time for me to start on a new venture and I'm really proud of it! The site's format is awesome, I did my own banner with a collage of my drawings soon to add a verrrrry cool applet...it will have more features to access for the members enjoyment and of course many forums for all to post!

So, that about sums it all up!!! Yippppeeeeeeee!!!! I'm so proud of it!!!

See ya Daniela, and thanks for stopping by!!!

Love ya's
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Goodness, you make it sound like a competition! lol

TCS and CatArena are different, both good but not the same. And they'll appeal to different people.

Chacun au son gout (to each his own)
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You said "see ya, Daniela".........am I going somewhere, or are you??
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I never gave that impression...I said they were totally different and to each her/his own is exactly right. How could you even come to that conclusion?

I'm not really going anywhere...remember...MAX is still a part of this site, not to mention that I have ALOT of friends here too!
I just won't be on here as much...I have my own business to take care of

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Oh, ok.... I misread it. And I'll be seeing you lots at the other site anyway.............me and my big mouth!!
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Sunlion, I just wanted to add that I don't think Cat was comparing the sites or trying to make it into a competition. Both sites are good, very different in nature though, although both revolve around our feline furbabies.
I think Catarina did a great job, and for those of you who are members at the new site, I am sure you all agree.
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Actually, when I posted, Cat had not posted that long one yet, so it was in response to Daniela's comment about "a run for the money". Timing is everything!

If you could have heard me say it, instead of reading it with no tone of voice, you would have known it was a lighthearted kind of thing, not a criticism. Some stuff doesn't come off well over the net, and I guess that was one of those.

Sorry, no offense meant!
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You're right, we probably posted at the same time!!! It's been done a million times to me! hahahaha!!!

Thanks for posting again and best wishes to you!!!!

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Thanks for clearing it up then, Sunlion.
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Is there a link to this new site? I would like to visit and check it out, but when I type in www.CatArena.com I get an error message. Maybe I'm typing it in wrong?
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Here ya go Lorie...come on over! Just don't get insulted by the language! Like I said, it's not the same type of Board...that's still getting underway and will be a very similar format as this one (that we all know and love You might recognize some peeps over there :LOL: Then again, you may not...we're groovin up some members for only being online for five days!

The Cat Arena

Have fun...post if you want...doesn't mean you have to be active all the time!

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Originally posted by Sunlion
TCS and CatArena are different, both good but not the same.
I agree with Sunlion, I was quite impressed by what I've seen of CatArena so far.
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I just want to add my 2 cents here, I really appreciate those who have helped me on this site, those who introduced me to Max and those who helped me when my babies are ill. I love Cat's new site, and it is worth checking out for everyone. I love her new site because the freedom it provides and the cliques aren't yet there. I will be back periodically, but I imagine that I will focus on the other forums related to my pets. Thank you, as I ride of into the sunset....
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Jocelyn is right, CatArena is much more of a "freedom" site. There are no official moderators, and almost anything goes! Well, I am sure there are limits...no porno at least!! LOL.

I am for now using both. I have made some great friends here, and I don't think I would ever stop coming around here. BUT, I will be visiting Cat's too, its a lot of fun there as well.

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