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I just found out what's going on with the "stray".

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I talked to a couple of neighbours, and they said it's a neighbourhood cat that a lot of different families help care for. He's being fed at different places. We live a little "off" from the neighbourhood, so we don't know everything that's going on. They have named him "Cuddles", and he's very lovable and sweet. The kids keep carrying him around, and he get along well with other cats.
A girl I talked to, said that such-and-such neighbour saw somebody drop him off by their house, then took off. So he's been abandoned, poor boy.
They all seem to think he's a she, but when I looked, I did see evidence of a male... But I can't tell if he's been neutered or not, he's so hairy.
I wonder what to do next; I thought I'd call and get the families' permision, those that have helped care for him, to either take full ownership of him, including vet care, or to take him to a non-kill shelter that I know of. They are wonderful and care well for their cats. I'd like to get him neutered if he's not, otherwise I know this shelter will for sure neuter him.
I'd love to keep him, but my dh feels we have enough with the two that we have.
I felt so bad, shooing him out of our garage last night; he really didn't want to go. And I worried about him all night. First thing I did this morning was to look for him, but he was gone. Then we found him later, down the street. And now we understand why; he's being fed different places.
What would you do in this case? These neighbours seem to enjoy him alot, and they are taking care of him; however, I don't think anybody took him to the vet yet. That's the thing; if nobody owns him, nobody will take ownership and make sure he's OK.
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Correction: Nobody actually SAW him being dropped off, it's just what they all assume. I called and talked to the neighbour that supposedly saw this, and she said no, it was this other lady. When I called her, she said nobody had seen it, just assumed it.
Anyway, it's been about 2 weeks since he showed up, and he is staying in this little neighbourhood of ours.
They all were fine with me taking whatever action I felt best, in fact one other family was thinking the same thing; taking him to a shelter.
I now know I will not be keeping him; I see some aggressiveness to him that I don't like; he's just being playful, but still biting and scratching. I don't really want that around my young kids. He's got some real giant paws, and could do great damage if he decided to. He launged after my dd's hand while she was picking flowers, and she ended up with a cut that bled a bit. So I won't keep him, but he's still such a good one and really needs a family to love him.
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The neutering could eradicate the aggression. I hope you find a home for him, too. Thank you and God bless you for taking him in.
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He may also be "playing" with you...believe it or not...cats often play "fight" so if you can find him a home with another kitten..that may help.

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Well, it's settled now; we will not be keeping this kitty, even though I decided in my mind that he really is so good, and I know he's just playful. The cratching he did on dd was caused by him playing, and when he bites me he doesn't hurt me, just likes to bite and attac my hand if he's in a certain mood. I figured we can just stay away from him when he's like that, or distract him with appropriate play....
But dh feel like he's been pushed far enough with two cats, and out of respect for his feelings in this matter, I will not argue with him about it. I'll need to let it go, and find him a good home or take him to a shelter.
But he sure is a good one............ "Cry..."
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May I suggest you use the article called "how to find homes for homeless pets" that you can find here:


It has good information on how to place ads etc. I wouldn't take this one to the shelter....I would try to find a no kill rescue.

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