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Which one should I take?

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I would love to hear wha you all have to say about this!!! As you may have read in my previous thread I have two job interviews yesterday. Let me just tell you alittle about the jobs...
The first one is for a local hospital, basically I would sit at a desk in the middle of a waiting room. I would provide information to people with questions regarding the facilities. I would take care of the families' needs in the waiting areas. And act as a everyday receptionist.
There is another one at the same hospital. It is for a health unit coordinator. I was told this is a very stressful job. ( I am always stressed ) Basically I would be the person you see when you get off the elevator when visiting someone. I would transcribe orders, schedule diagnostics, coordinate all nursing unit communications etc. I am also supposed to be able to lift up to 35lbs. (I honestly should not be doing that with my bad back) I am just aliitle worried about this one.
The next is for Myco usa. This is a recuiting firm. I would be in a smaller enviorment and taking care of people who walk in. Basic reception duties. This one is sticking out for me. They are very laid back and the owner seemed to want to help me out with getting health insurance early.
They all come with benifits, but Myco would put me on salary after one year.
I am uncertain what to do... There are always greater benifits at a hospital, but I think I will enjoy Myco more...
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I would not take the job that would cause stress, plus if you have back problems and get injured on the job-would workman's comp cover the claim???
Take the last one you mentioned if offered!!. Good luck.
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I would be going with the one that you think you are going to enjoy...nothing is worse than working in a job you dislike.
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I was just at our local hospital this morning, taking my dad in for cataract surgery. They use a volunteer for that "receptionist" duty in the waiting room. But she was amazing, and I think really liked her job. She was the person keeping everyone informed about the progress of their family members, arranging for the doctor to see them when surgery was over, and in between times, offering cups of tea or coffee. It was a very very important job, and she seemed to like it.

I'd love that kind of setting, helping people feel better in a stressful situation. And if you get good benefits, that is worth a lot when you're comparing pay scales.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
I would be going with the one that you think you are going to enjoy...nothing is worse than working in a job you dislike.

Good Luck!
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I was a Unit Coordinator for 5 years in a hospital. Granted, I worked in the Emergency Dept, and that is a creature all it's own. But I have also worked up in other Units. Believe them when they say it can be stressful. The ER was almost constant madness, but I work extremely well under pressure and stress ( I think I may even thrive off of it! ), and I absolutely looooved that job. But yes, it can be stressful. When you get an admission, you will have a million things that need to be taken care of ASAP, plus whatever the physician is asking of you, or the nursing staff, plus your phone that is ringing...Yes, there is a lot going on with that job. But it can be very rewarding. And your level of intensity would also greatly depend on the type of Unit you are working in.

If you know that you don't work well under stressful conditions, I suggest looking past that position and focusing on your other option. Nobody wants to be miserable at work, and the chances are you might not enjoy this position very much. I worked with a few people who hated it, but had to pay the bills so they continued to plod through their shifts, eagerly awaiting the end of it all. Since you have a choice, you should take advantage of it!

Good luck to you and the position that you choose!
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I would definately go with the job that stands out to you the most-especially if the employer was really interested in helping you out. Like the other members said above-there's nothing better than having a job that you love, I wouldn't go with the one that causes a lot of stress, no one wants that!

Good luck with whatever one you choose!!
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Take the job your gut feeling tells you. Good Luck!
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Erin, that is great you have a few offers to choose from. I would pick the one you feel the most comfortable with.
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Go with the one you think you will like more.
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
Go with the one you think you will like more.
Thanks everyone!! I will take the Myco Job!!!
Keep your fingers crossed that they call me back!!!
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Lots of prayers, good vibes and finger crossings for you!!
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fingers crossed for you
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