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male or female?

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oh my.. here is a pretty strange situation. well to start i'd just like to say that maybe some of you remember me posting about a kitty i had bought who was not eating very well. the good news is now she eats like a little piggy. i say she.. because that is what the breeder told me she was, that is what my vet agreed that she was too. LOL this must sound crazy.

well, this morning i was looking at her groom herself and noticed that there was a small sack which to me looks like a testicle. she is 12 weeks old, is it possible that she is not a she at all and is actually a he?!
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Did you watch the discovery channel show on hermaphrodites too?

If she was a hermaphrodite that is something that your vet and the breeder should have caught. Take her back to the vet to ease your apprehensions.
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My male cat (before he was neutered) had two little 'furry testicles' just below the base of his tail.

It was definately obvious he was a male. Hope this helps.
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At the risk of offending anyone on this family board:

If she is a girl, there will be a little slit just under her poo-poo, which of course would be her vulva. You may actually have to place your thumbs to either side and pull very gently to see if it will open, especially if she has black fur in that area or is longhaired. If so, then she is a girl and the "sac" may be a growth or an abcess.

But if he is a boy, he probably had undescended testacles, one of which has now come down. If so, just under his poo-poo he will have a little lumpy thing with a dot in the middle. Again, if he has black fur or is long-haired this may be difficult to see. If you are not squeamish, you can actually feel for the little lump, which, of course, would be his penis. If you can locate a penis, he has an undescended testacle. The other one will probably come down, but if not he will have to be neutered with an incision in his abdomen - see this thread for more information on that: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...&threadid=6481

But since the vet has already sexed her, I would go ahead and take her in because that would mean she might have some sort of growth or abcess.
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i guess a better question would be.. is it possible for the testicles not to drop after 12 weeks? because i was thinking that maybe it just took longer for them to appear.. because i already had thought she was the runt of the litter, so maybe it just took longer for the testicles to drop. i am taking her into the vet tomorrow morning to see what they think, i was also a little scared because it might even be a tumor or something.
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oops.. i didn't see the post above mine before posting. i've looked and it looks like she has a slit, but it doesn't open and i don't want to force that. i will see what the vet has to say and let you all know tomorrow. thanks!
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This is quite an interesting thread! I'm waiting to see what the vet has to say too!!
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Yes, it is possible for it still to be in the abdomen after age 13 weeks - Cosmo was a year old and still only had one - even the first one didn't come down until he was about 6 months old.

I've gotten really curious, too. It really sounds to me like you have a boy, but the fact that the vet has already sexed him really makes this intriguing!
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it's a boy! hehe... i guess it is time to find him a new name
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I'm glad your kitten is OK. The very same thing happened to us when our cat, Snowball, was a very young kitten, the lady who owned Snowball's mother thought he was a she also.
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I hope you didn't name her...I mean him!...something like Sally or
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