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Opie's explorations

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Although, he is an indoor cat, Opie has managed to do a great deal of exploring. To date, he has investigated 3 of the 5 closets, most of the kitchen cupboards, the pantry, the dishwasher, the dryer and, yesterday, the washing machine. Fortunately, the last 3 were during loading/unloading. He is, also, fascinated by bathroom activities: showers, shaving, etc. When I am in the tub, he looks at me as if to say, "Are you crazy, sitting in all of that water?" Oh, well, its HIS house, he can do as he pleases. Love to all kitties.
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Just wait. Have you had the pleasure of him staring at you when you are using the toilet?
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I've got one that loves licking the bubbles from a bubble bath! it is to funny - he gets a little bubble beard.
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I have 2 who like to drink running water. They don't actually drink the stream of water, they like me to plug the drain and they drink from the sink. So a tub full of water is heaven!

They also walk across the tub using any body parts that are sticking up through the water, as if my knees were stepping stones!

Gonna be real unpleasant when one of 'em slips . . .
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......ha and my boy wanted to see what was going on in the toidy bowl only the problem was I was still sitting there. Well, I got a swat on my rear from him to make me move (hehehe)....... Ok he was only 8 months then and quickly forgiven.
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Oh I just love kitties...it is so cute when they are exploring everywhere!!
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