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a few questions about bigfoot

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hi, new to this forum . quick cat description. male tabby, forgot the name they're given but has lots of toes. the front has a thumb and the rears have 2 extra toes.there are a few things that my cat does that have been making me wonder. i always had cats as a kid but this is my first cat that i have had since i moved from home, a long 14 years ago. it seems to do things that all my previous cats never did. for some reason instead of leaving me a whole mouse or rodent it brings inside their internal organs , no mouse to be seen.its a nice present in the mornings but its really hard to see. a mouse stands out like a sore thumb but these bits hide well in the carpet. this cat( unoriginally called bigfoot) also wants to eat 24 hours a day. its about 1 1/2 years old so is still filling out but could eat me out of house and home. he's not fat at all so i keep feeding him. he follows me around an awful lot, to the bathroom the kitchen ,upstairs then downstairs in the bath out in the garden. not all the time but pretty much.all my cats as a kid were quite protective over their food, bigfoot on the other hands invites in every cat in the neighbourhood to my house and lets them eat anything thats around. i'm sure i have many more but i think he wants feeding, thanks.
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Welcame to the forum.
Nice to read about your cat with polydactyly. Nice to know it doesnt bother him - usually it doesnt - but you never know for sure beforehand.

Unusually is him inviting cats from outside and letting them eat of his food. Usually cats do not like this. Many cats gets very upset if a intruder comes in through the cat door, and eats of his food.
Possibly he is a very social cat with lots of friend.
But look out a little - if he instead is the lowest in status around - and all others misuse him him defenceless. In this case you must help him and repel the "guests".

Good luck!
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