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Breeding Question

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Hi everyone. I hope I don't sound too dumb asking this question. I have recently decided to start a small cattery in my home breeding traditional persians and himalayans. I already had a cream point female that is almost 2 years old. Recently I purchased a blue lynx point male that is 4 months old and a few other kittens that will be in my breeding program when they are older. I have dedicated one of my bedrooms to the kitties and that is where they spend the majority of their time. Well, my cream point female went in to heat about a week ago and I have been trying to find a stud I can breed her with. Now here is my question. She does not seem to be in heat anymore and I am wondering if since she was in the same room as the 4 month old male, is it possible that he tried to breed her and succeeded? Or is it impossible at that age? Or maybe he just tricked her into thinking she was bred? I am going nuts wondering. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. And before anyone yells at me, I have checked them all for diseases and they are all purebred kitties with papers.

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4 month - not entirely impossible, such things happens. But persians are supposed to be slow in maturing. It would be much more probable with say - a oriental or siamese.

But she may be thinkink she is bred as you say - it is very possible he trained mating on her as she surely wanted ANYONE to help her....

How long was the heat? About a week 5-8 days is the most usual - so the heat may be over by itself. And mating dont always break of the heat - the heat often go on although a succesful mating several times, with a Sire.

A good advice for all new breeders is to get one or two mentors, experienced breeders. One of them not necessary from your own cat-race.
Try first with breeders of your kittens... Chances are good they want to help you as they surely want their strain will successfully go on...

We all in the pedigree are deeply proud of our "children" and "grandchildren" *smile*
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I think it would be unusual and unlikely that your 4 month old impregnated your female. I also think it would be unusual that he would even be interested in "practicing" already, but it's possible.
The most likely scenario is that she just ended her heat cycle normally. She may very well go right back into heat in a week or two. I'm not sure what the frequency is for persians and him's.
I'm sure one of the persian enthusiasts will be along shortly to provide some more insight.
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I had one Persian male breed at 6 1/2 months old. That surprised me as my other males always waited till they were at least a year. {I'm keeping the full younger brother of this male and time will tell if he matures quickly too--their father was an eager, aggressive breeder who never failed.} But 4 months seems a bit young. Your female probably just went out of heat normally, which they do after a few days. A week is too soon to know. I'm currently playing the waiting game with one of my females too and if 20 days or so pass without her coming back into heat, she might be preggers. 4 months for a Persian male ought to set some records, though!

By the way I breed dollfaced Persians and Himmies too! My eventual aim is to reproduce the Victorian look.
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An amendment to my post I made earlier. I now have a 4 month old male trying to breed. He hasn't had any success, and I doubt he would get her pregnant if he did successfully mate her, but he keeps on mounting her and trying. Can a young stud cat have the urge to breed and yet not be fertile yet {not making any sperm}?
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It is possible a four month old can breed and be fertile, but obviousely not common.

Perhaps if your queens are calling it is time to think about other arrangements in your house for your stud.

What happens if he starts spraying? is he still going to live in your room?
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He's a keeper so he will simply be moved to the studs' quarters in my house if indeed he has "become a man".
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Good to hear. Luckily for me none of my studs are sprayers. Whew!
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