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pawing on me?

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My kittens tend to paw at me with their front paws at night when I'm watching tv. They will climb up on my chest and paw at me as they do when nursing. Why do they do this?
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Its a comfort thing. I call it padding, as it feels like they are kneading you like dough to get the right consistency!!!

If they are pawing at you, then they simply want your love and attention!! It shows how much they love you...Although, when they get too relaxed, occasionally the claws come out and Ouch!! But it's only accidental!
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Take it as a compliment, because that's what it is. You are their mommy now.
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They are finding you as their comfort and source of love an affection. It is a big compliment. they are letting you know that you are their momma and they love you enough to let down their guard and be relaxed. You probably also notice that they are giving you kitty kisses (slow blinking of the eyes when you look at them)
If they are young kitt's and you let them continue to do this, they will always kneed on you for the remainder of their life. my 12 year old boy still does this. so does the old 18 year gal. they will always tend to do this when you are occupied with something else. its a cat law.

If you find it hurtful with their claws, a verbal Hiss or deep vocal reprimand will let them know its not ok. Or you can pick up their feet and move them off you. never ever hit them or toss them away. it will cause them fear of you and make them very insecure.
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Cassie does this to stuffed animals, including my giant Pooh bear, which she snuggles up with when it's time for a nap She will lay on my BF or me at night (we keep stuffed animals in the bed out of habit because when Cassie was a baby, she would want to play, but stay in the bed with us, so we kept them there, but we need it now for Napoleon since he is the same way) and climb up on us, then make "biscuits" while purring so loud, it wakes us up. She is not the most affectionate cat in the world but it's time like those that remind me that she is my little ray of sunshine
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