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Internet Abbreviations

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I think we need a thread to go through these abbrev.

What is DSH.
and DH, and etc.........
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Well I know that DSH is Domestic Short Hair.

I would need a context for the DH one!
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DSH = Domestic Shorthair Not sure what DH is
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I am probably totally wrong, but I thought it was "Darling Husband" Hopefully someone will come along soon who actually knows these things!
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DSH = Domestic Shorthair
DH = Darling Husband, or Dear Husband

in my case, since we're not married yet, I have an SO =Significant Other
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there is also
DP - dear (or darling if you wish) partner
DF - dear fiancee
DB - dear boyfriend
DF - dear girlfriend
DS - dear son
DD - dear daughter
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DH - dear heart, as well... at least that's what I use it for.
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Here are some other abbreviation...

winraf (Well, I'm not really a female)
ntbuswab (Not to bring up Star Wars again, but)
emwipyombl (excuse me while I put you on my blocked list)
ghmtihctbaltyy (guess how many times i have claimed to be 20 yrs younger
hcp (Help call police)
TNAWIAM (That's not a woman, It's a man!)
18/F/NYC (47/M/Detroit)
l (lugash)
rstm (read the stupid manual)
wombat (Waste Of Money Brains And Time)
yngwijsomk (You'll never guess what I just spilled on my keyboard)
iscgmfbootc (I seriously can't get my fat butt out of this chair)
vms -- (very much so)
IANAQP, (I am not a quantum physicists) but
safd (Should anyone feel distressed)
ISPWOSO (Institute to slowly and painfully work out the surprisingly obvious.
pglhbng (Please god let him be 'not gay')
ihtaiuw (I have to admit, I'm using Windows)

And finally:
ihniwtiamupefgs (I have no idea what that internet abbreviation means, use proper English for goodness sake)
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Originally Posted by bumpy
iscgmfbootc (I seriously can't get my fat butt out of this chair)
I love this one!
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Most everybody tends to abbreviate a bunch of the breed and type names, especially if they're longer:

DSH (Domestic short hair, a moggie or mixed breed)
DLH (Domestic Long Hair - ditto)
DMH (Domestic Medium Hair - ditto )
ASH - American Short Hair
BSH - British Short Hair
Aby - Abyssinnian
Meezer - Siamese (more a term of endearment than an abbreviation)

Oh, DH which usually means "Dear" or "Darling" husband can also mean D***ed husband if you're particularly ticked at him for some reason .

SIL - Sister-in-law
BIL - Brother-in-law
FIL - Father-in-law
MIL - Mother-in-law etc., etc.
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and of course

BF: Boyfriend
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RB is also an abbreviation for Russian Blue, but I don't use it here as it confuses people who use it as short form for Rainbow Bridge.
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MC = Maine Coon
NFC = Norwegian Forest Cat
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LOL = Laughing out loud
LMAO = Laughing my a** off
ROFLMAO = Roll on floor laughing my a** off
IMHO = In my humble opinion
IMO = In my opinion
TTYL = talk to you later
BBL = Be back later
TC = Take care
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iscgmfbootc (I seriously can't get my fat butt out of this chair

That one is sooo me!
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