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Cat food

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After reading all the posts on upgrading cat food, I decided to change my cats' diet. I had been giving them friskies and whiskas (didn't know any better) and stopped by petsmart today to pick up some nutro. They had nutro kitten formula and nutro gourmet choice kitten formula. I ended up going with the gourmet choice and my kittens seem to like it. Does anyone know the difference between nutro and nutro gourmet choice?
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The best way to be truly happy and satisfied with what you're feeding your kitties is to learn how to properly read an ingredients lable. If you master this skill, you'll never again have to question choosing one food over another. It took me several months (and a LOT of ingredients reading) to figure out everything properly, but it's a skill I can't believe I did without before!

The best resources I have for learning (they're interesting reading and make things quite simple to understand) are the following websites:

with this you can see for yourself what the difference is!
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Here is some info on the gourmet choice:

Recipe for Supreme Nutrition with Exquisite Taste
MAX Cat Gourmet Classics is the culmination of years of recipe development, research, and testing resulting in the highest quality, all natural, and most delectable tasting cat cuisine available. We've developed a cat food with ultimate taste while ensuring maximum health & nutrition. The result is healthy cuisine that cats find utterly irresistible. Our 9 supremely scrumptious, nutritionally advanced gourmet varieties are simply the epitome of "Nutrition with Taste".

Indulge Your Cat with Advanced Culinary Creations
MAX Cat Gourmet Classics' palatability inspires even the most finicky felines. Extensive testing proves MAX Cat Gourmet Classics is the food that 9 out of 10 cats prefer. Every one of our 9 fresh varieties provides a culinary feast for your cherished companion.while delivering the most complete nutrition for the pinnacle of health and well-being. For a cat that deserves the very best, MAX Cat Gourmet Classics is the clear choice. We guarantee it!

MAX Cat Gourmet Classics Varieties
Kitten: For kittens and pregnant or nursing cats. Available in Roasted Chicken Flavor and a variety of canned formulas.

Adult: For cats one year or older. Dry flavors include Roasted Chicken Flavor, Salmon Flavor, and Halibut Flavor. A variety of canned flavors are also available.

Hairball ManagementT: Scientifically balanced to reduce shedding & minimize hairballs for adult cats. Dry flavors include Roasted Chicken Flavor, Salmon Flavor, and Lobster Flavor. A variety of canned flavors are also available.

Lite: Low calorie cuisine for overweight, less active adult cats. Available in Roasted Chicken Flavor and a variety of canned formulas.

Senior: For cats seven years or older. Available in Roasted Chicken Flavor and a variety of canned formulas.

Health Benefits of Superior Nutrition
Healthy Skin & Coat
Cats privileged to dine on MAX Cat Gourmet Classics enjoy a lustrous coat and an overall radiance about them. Your cat's supple skin and thick, glossy hair is an excellent indicator of your cat's overall health. MAX Cat Gourmet Classics uses natural ingredients that are rich in linoleic acid- the only fatty acid proven essential for healthy skin and coat. MAX Cat Gourmet Classics also contains high levels of Zinc, and important mineral to promote healthy skin & coat.

Strong Immune System
MAX Cat Gourmet Classics provides all the ingredients and nutrients essential for a healthy immune system so your cat can live a long, healthy life. To bolster the immune system and fight aging, we've developed a powerful natural vitamin and antioxidant formulation. MAX Cat Gourmet Classics combines natural Vitamin E with Vitamin C, Zinc and Taurine, an amino acid and antioxidant imperative for a strong, healthy heart and good vision. In fact, MAX Cat Gourmet Classics guarantees higher levels of Taurine than other leading brands of dry cat food.

Urinary Tract Health
MAX Cat Gourmet Classics helps maintain urinary tract health. Urinary tract problems can be a very serious and dangerous condition for a cat to endure. The most important factor for maintaining your cat's urinary tract health is a consistent diet promoting slightly acidic urine pH. MAX Cat Gourmet Classics uses high levels of quality proteins-many of which are natural urine acidifiers that reduce urine pH and contribute to overall urinary tract health. MAX Cat Gourmet Classics also provides low dietary magnesium, to help keep your cat's pH in the safest range possible.

Here is some info on the regular one:

What Food Should I Feed My Cat?
Standing in the cat food aisle at your favorite pet supply store can be a bit overwhelming. After all, there are cat foods from many different manufacturers and each one has many offerings. Which one should you choose? Is one better than the other? Which one will "Kitty" like? Does the food that controls hairballs also strengthen the immune system? You want both benefits. Well what if you could buy a food that provided everything your cat needed in one bag? Now you can!

Everything Your Cat Needs In One Bag®
Complete Care is the only all natural cat food that provides everything your cat needs in one bag. It's a great tasting cat food that offers the optimum combination of premium ingredients and scientific research to provide complete care for your cat. It helps reduce hairballs and litter box odor, while also benefiting dental health, the digestive and immune systems, and the skin and coat of your cat. Complete Care represents the very best in feline nutritional solutions, improving the quality of life for your cat and you.

One Brand Can Be All Things To All Cats
At Nutro, we bring more than 75 years of experience to our Natural Choice Complete Care products. There's a formulation just right for your cat. If your cat is one who likes moist food along with her dry, we are pleased to announce our recent introduction of Natural Choice Complete Care Pouches with seven single-serve Flavor Fresh Plusâ„¢ pouches guaranteed to please your cat. They're easy-to-open and serve so feeding your cat these complete and balanced products is fast and easy. For the can aficionados, there are five great-tasting Natural Choice formulas to choose from. Each one provides an ideal compliment to Natural Choice Complete Care dry formulations.

How Do I Get Started?
Select the dry formula that's right for your cat using the product selector above. Purchase the product from your favorite pet supply store. Be sure to pick up some pouches or cans to give your cat a taste treat! Introduce Natural Choice Complete Care dry food to your cat by blending it with the brand she is currently eating. Follow the Feeding Guidelines found on the package so that during a 6 day period you begin to feed more Complete Care and less of the food your cat is currently eating. Apply this same technique when introducing pouches or cans to your cat's diet. This gradual change will help your cat adjust to her new food, minimizing dietary upset.

What Should I Expect?
Your cat will love Natural Choice Complete Care. We guarantee it! During the next several months you will begin to notice that your cat is shedding less. As a result of less shedding, you will find fewer hairballs. Your cat's coat will become more soft and shiny. The litter box odor will become less offensive. Your cat's teeth will gradually become cleaner and that also means fresher breath. Natural Choice Complete Care is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Buy a bag today!

Nutro Introduces a New Food Scientifically Formulated for Your Indoor Cat
Indoor cats have special nutritional needs. Indoor temperatures, artificial lighting, and limited exercise can all have negative effects on your cat's health. That's why Nutro developed New Natural Choice® Complete Care® Indoor. It's guaranteed to improve your cat's skin and coat, reduces shedding, minimizes hairballs, builds strong bones and muscles, and helps prevent excess weight gain. It's also formulated with a blend of natural ingredients to help reduce litter box odor. At last there's a food that truly meets all the nutritional needs of your indoor cat.

Everything Your Indoor Cat Needs In One Bagâ„¢
Scientifically formulated for the unique needs of indoor cats
Guaranteed to improve skin & coat for less shedding and fewer hairballs
Reduces litter box and in-home odors
Made with natural ingredients and added vitamins & minerals
Designed to help sedentary indoor cats convert fat to energy so they stay active & fit
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Max cat is formulated for finicky and or healthy cats who se owners may have issues with urinary health or hairballs

Natural choice is formulated for delicate stomach, hairball issues and dental care...

Max contains wheat which can be an allergan ... I used max senior with Kandie for about two years it worked great

Natural choice is what I use for Zoey my other cat and for my dog ... they both have delicate tummys and Zoey likes it better....

PM me if any more ?s I am a demonstrator
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I prefer the ingredients list on the Nutro Natural Choice line as compared to the Max Cat Gourmet line.

I'm glad if you've found this forum helpful, I think we have a lot of threads with specific discussions on ingredients and various nutritional issues, and I give a lot of links to various articles.
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