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Review of Swiffer CarpetFlick (has pics)

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Since I got paid on Monday, I went ahead and picked up one of those new Swiffer CarpetFlick's to try and clean up the cat litter on my carpet. The boys track it all over, and my vacuum is small and needs to be cleaned constantly. I know a couple of the other members have been curious about them, so I thought I would let you know my opinion of it. I must say, I was somewhat skeptical at first, but now I am highly impressed! It did a good job of picking up all the litter on my floor, and did a decent number on the shed fur (and some of my hair ). Unfortunately, I didn't think to take before pictures, but here's some of the after.

The now clean floor:

The top part:

The bottom part:

At about $15 for the main unit, and $4 for 12 refills, I'd say its well worth it!
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How cool. I have been thinking about getting one of those. I have a bagless vacuum that you can empty but it can be big and bulky. It's especially a pain in the butt to drag out every day when I find kitty litter all over my dark blue rug!

What about the Swiffer Sweep & Vac? Does anyone have one of those? I was thinking about one of those too.
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I have one too and use it as well to pick up cat litter and fur in the "cat room" I like it because it doesn't spook the cats, so I can use it while they're in the room without sending them scurrying!
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uhm thats neat i saw something on TV the other day but cant remember what is was it look like a shop vacum but its was for pets and its very quiet it does not scare your cats or dogs and anyway it sucks up the hair on your pets and if you give them a bath it sucks up the water darn't i cant remember what it was i think it cost $29.95
i wonder if it really works cause i need one of thoses around here to get rid of this hair storm from oscar and cricket i have flying hair every where
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I had really been wondering about this, Pam! Thank you for your review and pic of your lovely carpet!So, do you have to change the refill after each use?
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I too have wondered if this would work on the cat hair and other.
I am glad to have this info and will most likely get one soon.
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How exciting, I'm going to go out and buy one, I've been seeing them on TV for awhile and I thought it would be wonderful for picking up litter cuz Harley is a litter box terror!!
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Thanks so much for the info. I've been thinking about buying one, but will definitely have to give it a try now!
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I had to replace it after the first time, Stephanie, but I think from now on, I can either use it daily and use the pad a few times, or wait a few days and change pads with every use. Either way, it shouldn't cost more than about $5 a month for it!
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