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another best friend has passed

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Just 3 months ago i lost my very dear precisious Tigger of 19 yrs to kidney failure so we had her to put to sleep it was the hardest thing i had to do but we couldnt see her suffer any longer as she was geting worse as the days went on, when the day came to put her to sleep she was gone in seconds and so that was an indication that it was her time to go i miss her so dearly my heart still aches for her ..then tonight i got home after only being gone 2 hours and our cat TJ was dead on our kitchen floor...I was so shocked i couldnt even cry (at that time) but now the tears havent stopped ..I wasnt able to even go near him or hold him now i feel guilty that i didnt even say good bye to him ..
TJ was 5 yrs old and a very fun loving cat he was able to make you laugh on any given moment ..his favorite pass time was finding cardboard boxes and climbing in them and make new exits holes to get out abit strange but thats what he liked ...
we have one cat left now now and thats Emma shes our 2 yr old rescue cat we saved from the frigid cold one winter she has half of her tail and damaged paws due to the severe frost bite she had but she did a wonderful recovery thanks to us and TJ as TJ was the only cat who accepted her when we brought her home..Emma has been crying alot and looking around for TJ ....
Im sure now TJ is in a better place even though we dont know what took him from us but at least he isnt suffering any more ...just wish i knew ..Im am taking him to the vet clinic tomorrow as he has us all dumbfounded about his passing even his vet is shocked ...
Well i need to end this as i cant see to type anymore so thanks for your time in reading my lil story ...
(this kinda what he looked like)
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Oh, MysKymi, I have tears in my eyes after reading your post. I am so so sorry. Please know I am praying for you, for Tigger, for TJ, and for dear Emma. Tigger and TJ were loved and happy cats and I know that they died in peace because of this. I hope you can find some strength to comfort Emma who must be very confused in the midst of all this and is probably very sensitive to your grief. Again, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Condolences on the loss of TJ. Poor Emma, she must be so lonely, and you, oh my, Emma's cries must be sheer torture to your heart....I wish that I could make you a cup of SleepyTime tea, and be there to hear TJ stories all night long. TJ's passing is such a shock, such a mystery; maybe he waited to be alone to let his spirit fly, some cats seem to prefer it that way. Now he looks down at Emma & you from over RB, and he can see that you have your TCS family to help you through this....Hugs, Susan
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Bless his little heart And you poor thing for having to lose two cats so soon

But TJ will be with Tigger now over the bridge where they can both play together again
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