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Vacation Disaster...

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So I just came home from a weeks vacation to find out that my brothers cat decided that he wanted to poo all over my room. Everywhere I look I keep finding more and more. My brother knew about it and did nothing to clean it up. Instead he blamed it on my little girl saying that it was her throwing up. By no means does it look like throw up Now my brother is in England and Niko is still pooing all over my room and the kitchen. Could it be that he is sick? or is it anxiety cause last week I was gone, and now this week my brother is gone. he also is still running around and does not look sick.
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It's worth taking him to the vets for a check up just to make sure everything is ok.
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I would take him in to the vet like said above. He could be sick and trying to let you know.

My brother would also be in deep stuff if he didn't clean the mess up while I was gone.
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Vet check up is good idea - especially if he seems ill in other ways too, but in all probability it is protest+anxious. Quite typical and not without good reasons. Poor guy.

Work with that...

Feliway, the friendly cat feromons, are one possible tip.
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I strongly recommend you take Niko to the Vet to be examined!
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It really is better to be safe than sorry. Cats are masters at hiding illness. It could very well be stress/anxiety, but it's worth the trip to the vet to be sure.

Oh, and if that was my brother, he'd be in deep doo doo with me! How would he like it if he came home and his room was full of poo? Boys! (I'm not saying all boys would do this....just a select few)
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As everyone else suggested I would say take him to the vet to be sure, cats have incredible pain tolerance so you may not know that something is really wrong until he is very sick.
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