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Cat fountain and changing water

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Hi everyone!

We have a cat fountain and the babies just love it. I was wondering how often should the water be changed. Keep in mind that it constantly circulates the water and keeps it cool. Is once a day not enough or sufficient?
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more than enough.....
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I am thinking of getting a water fountain, and was wandering the same thing. Also, I would want to change the water daily. What I would like to know from you all, is, do you have to unplug the machine to get the water out? How do you change it?
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Yes you have to unplug it, remove the pump, I clean each piece in the morning, reassemble and add bottled water to it, plug in and its ready to go. I totally recommend it! My cats love it!
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I have a pet fountain at home and yes you need to unplug it when you empty it. This is what I do when I change the water, but there is probably a better way to get this done. The pet fountain is always very full so I can't just pick it up without spilling water all over the place. I have a small cup which I dip into the fountain bowl to get about half the water out. Then I carry the fountain over to the sink and dump out the rest. You will need to make sure the cord dosen't get wet while you are doing this. I usually refill the fountain completely before I plug it back in.
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Thanks for the info. I might have to use an extention cord then as my plug is behind a refrigerator and I don't want to have to move it everyday. I suppose it doesn't have an on and off switch, does it?
My one cat love to drink from a spigot, so this is the perfect answer for her. Did your cats do the same?
Thanks again,
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The Drinkwell Pet Fountain doesn't have a switch, I don't know about the others. One of the reasons we decided to get a pet fountain was because Snowball always wanted to drink out of faucets, also, he has very early kidney disease, and the vet said he should be encouraged to drink water. The water flow from the spigot is adjustable, and it has kept Snowball from wanting to drink from faucets all the time. It took Snowball several days to adjust to the fountain, and this is common, but once he was used to it, he seemed to really like it.
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