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WELL, I'M WEAK!!!! Sue me.

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Okay, it was Valentine's day, and I am without sweetheart or lover (except my Duvet, of course). I went to the shelter to work, and who did I see? My favorite cat of all time, who was adopted so fast, I hardly had time to get to know him. He was back! I guess they had an outbreak of (human) lice, shortly after he got home, and no amount of arguing could convince them he didn't bring it in.
Their loss, my gain!! He brightened up my V-Day like a dozen roses never could.
He's a 2 year old tuxedo persian mix. I named him The Emperor Charlemagne. I call him Your Highness for short. Pictures soon to follow.
This on top of the fact that I'm babysitting my neighbor's two cats for a couple weeks(vaccinated and healthy, yes). So my no-cats apartment now has FOUR cats in it!!!
Duvet is handling it all like a little prince, by the way. No hissing at all, and he's been the perfect host.
Am I pathetic, or what??
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That sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day!
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YAAAAY for you and your new baby!!!
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...na just adicted - I am too but my Loki won't have it. boohoo. Congradulations on the new addition.
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It's because of this, that I can't go to petsmart to buy supplies on saturdays (adoption days) I finally have the S/O worn down enough to get another one, but now I'm afraid I'll have trouble picking out just one!
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COngratulations! Oh, I want more kitties...
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That is great. If you can't buy yourself a present who can you buy one for?
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not weak - got to love something!
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That is great! Sounds like you had a wonderful valentines day!
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