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Does "being in heat" once affect personality?

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My dh is being told by guys at work, that female cats will have a nicer personality if we allow them to get into heat once before spaying. Is this true? We have two female kittens that we are planning to spay soon, so I'm just wondering. The though these guys have is to let them get into heat and keep them strictly inside at that stage, then spay........

Of course, there are potential problems with this; the cat could accidenly escape out and that's that, and also I know they can go quite "nuts" while in heat and sometimes become aggressive.

But I'm really wondering if this is true, though, or just a myth.....
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I've never heard that one before, I don't think there is any truth in it.
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No truth at all.
Besides, they will drive you nuts while in heat, not to mention that with each heat cycle, risks for health problems increase.
The hormonal changes while they are in heat will also make them very, very uncomfortable.
Spay them before first heat, you will be very glad you did.
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Serena's in heat right now! Again, the money I had for a spay went to my car... My poor baby. When I get my next cheque, she'll be going in for one. It doesn't change their personality to go through heat, but here's a question to add: Does having a cat spayed change their personality?
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A cat that is spayed before its first heat is 200 times less likely to get mammary cancer, to me that is way more important than their personality.
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I would actually say that it is better before they go into heat, for health reasons as well as behavioral. The chemical changes during this transition are drastic and often have a permanent effect on them, which shows in thier behavior. Ofcourse sometimes this is not the case at all, they are already our crazy little critters to begin with!
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