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Awww Stephanie you know that you and Sierra have my very best wishes and good thoughts for a calm and pleasant Vet visit. I'm hoping that the new facility will be an environment where Sierra feels no stress.

It will be so much better for you to be there during the exam - Sierra will know that her mummy would only do what is best for her.

Make sure you come back as soon as you have been to let us know how well your sweet girl did
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Stephanie Sierra is being sent special (((((calming vibes))))) for her visit and lots of (((((good luck vibes))))) as well

I really like the sound of this vet
....same feelings here for the lovely Sierra!!! ....behave yourself and obey to mommie! , she only wants the best for you! ....

Keep us updated please Sthephanie!
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Well you have already headed to the vet.....so i just hope all is well with sierras health and stress levels.....please let us know how it went when you get back......

lots of
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Aw Steph! I'm just seeing this now, but I'm crossing my fingers that Sierra will do much better at this vet! But I know because it's less of a drive and because he's already been so good with meeting your needs, it's all going to be okay! *hugs*
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Aw Sweet Sierra! I Know everything will turn out great! Mom only picks out the best vets for you! Let us know how it went!!!
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Sierra, I'm sending lots and lots of vibes and hugs and kisses to you and your mama. I know you're a big strong brave girl and you're gonna be fine-------just take care of your poor worried mama
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Thank you so much! We're on our way out now. Will let you know when we get home!
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Good Luck!!
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Any updates on how Sierra did?
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We're home! I'm so super proud of my baby girl, she did so super wonderfully! This was absolutley the most stress-free appt. we've ever had! This Dr. is fantastic! As I said before, I have a good feeling around him, and Sierra seems to feel that, as well. We were there for two hours, and he treated us as if we were his number one priority. I told him Sierra was afraid of men and asked that he please speak softly, which he did, every word for the entire visit. He said straight away that he'd like to see how Sierra would react to him first because he didn't want to have to put her through the stress of being sedated. This is completely opposite of the reactions we've received from previous Vets.

The Dr. went very slowly, first letting Sierra get used to him just being in the room, then gradually offering her his hand to sniff, etc., as well as allowing her to investigate each piece of equiptment before touching her with it. Sierra responded so well! She actually allowed him to perform the entire exam, including listening to her heart and lungs, palpating her abdomen, lymph nodes, joints, etc. I was amazed, and he doesn't realize how remarkable this is! She wasn't pleased by any means and gave him a couple of "that's enough" growls, but normally won't allow anyone besides me to even be near her! She usually gets so upset, becomes hysterical and pees, taking days to recover from the experience. I'm beyond impressed with this wonderful Dr and the clinic in general.

Sierra has lost a bit more weight, but he said she is in very healthy condition. In fact, he said he would never have believed she is 11!

She was being so cooperative, yet wouldn't allow us to draw blood. She was doing so well, but the slightest jerk when getting blood from her jugular could have been dangerous, so he gave her a mild sedative via IM injection. She vomitted within 3 minutes of receiving it, poor baby. This is a common reaction, not abnormal at all. She became incredibly drowsy, or drugged rather. Her eyes were slightly open with her third eyelid exposed, but she was quite sedated. He drew her blood without difficulty as well as a urine sample, then checked her blood pressure. Her BP was 140, still high under sedation, but down from 180 under sedation previously. It had been over 240 while awake. Her fundal exam showed slight tortuosity. These factors indicate her BP is under control with her current dose of Norvasc!

Following the exam, he reversed the sedative with another injection. She was back to herself in less than 5 minutes! Sierra's labs will be back tomorrow, and I'm praying the result will be perfect!

Sierra is already acting normally. She ate a small amount and is now sitting next to me having a really long, thorough bath, looking up only to swat at Serenity who began to invade her space!

Thank you guys so much for your encouragement and support! I know it was the prayers we received that made this such a pleasant experience!
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What a good girl Sierra! Keeping my fingers crossed for the labwork!!!
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Yaaaaaaay Sierrra ...good for you sweetie.........We are all sooooooo proud of you
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Glad she did so well at the vets! I can't believe your cat is on the same high blood pressure medicine as I am!
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Awww... Sierra was such a good girl! That Doc sounds fantastic, great bed-side manner I must say. I'm glad for you and Sierra that you found him
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Awwww, I'm so happy to hear her visit went well! Yay Sierra!

And her vet, wow; the world needs more vets as caring as him! I'm so glad you found him, Steph; your girls deserve the best!
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Exxxxxxcellent! It is sooooo nice to have a good vet yes? Hooray for Sierra that she did so well!

My own experience: Although I like the vet I use for Kellie, his office is frenetic and has "office dogs" running through it and can be really unsettled. When I found out how much he charges for neutering ($107 just for the surgery !) I started calling other vets in the area comparing prices. I found a vet not too far from me (about 15 minutes, 20 if traffic is bad) who is a "cats only" clinic which appealed to me. They saw me drive up, and somebody came out to help me with the boys without being asked (itself unheard of). The office was quiet and relaxed, and the Vet Tech when I brought the boys into the examining room put the carrier on the table and when I would of pulled a rather reluctant Mithril out of the carrier told me "No, let's let him come out on his own. He can take his time. She and the Vet herself of course, impressed the heck out of me.

Makes all the difference in the world.

And the price of neutering? $75 which included the surgery, the anesthesia, pain medication and bloodwork! Which I didn't have to have the bloodwork, but I thought it would be good to establish a baseline in any case.

Give Sierra a hug, and a "good girl" treat for me, and hope HER bloodwork all comes back good!
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Oh, Stephanie, I actually got tears in my eyes reading your message (!!) I was worried about your vet visit today and I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am that you FINALLY found the perfect veterinarian for Sierra AND that she is doing so well.

My prayers were definitely answered.
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Awww....sweet Sierra was such a good girl at her doctors visit.
I will continue to pray that you receive an exellent report about her blood work.
Hugs & Purrs
xo xo xo
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What a wonderful vet!! Glad to hear things went so well!
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YAY!!! That is great!!! Good Girl Sierra!
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Way to go Sierra... Congrates on the new vet
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That my dear friend, is great, great news!!!
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Stephanie, that is fantastic news! What a wonderful Dr you have found for Sierra!

He sounds like Tibby's first vet! She was incredibly caring and understanding and it makes both kitty and parent feel so much more comfortable and relaxed!

I'm so pleased for you both!

I hope Sierra's blood work comes back with the right results!
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Stephanie thats excellent news to here first thing in the morning! I'm so pleased it went well, and the more i hear about this vet the more i like him
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Aww What a good VISIT! I know that Sierra's had such problems in the past, and I'm SO happy that she's taken a liking (of sorts) to her new Vet!

And kudos to him for being so good and calm with her
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Glad to hear things went so well for sweet Sierra. What a brave little girl she is!
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I am so proud of you Miss Sierra!!! What a wonderful vet you have found for your girls Stephanie! I had no idea Sierra had such a difficult time being around anyone but you . Sounds a bit like Eponine!

I'm so glad things went well and I hope the good luck continues once the lab results are in .
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I'm so glad to hear Sierra liked her new vet! That's just wonderful news, at least she felt a little more comfortable it sounds. I hope everything turns out well with her lab results. I will be thinking of you both.
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Thank you guys soooo much, each of you, for sharing this experience with us! this is so special to me!

We're still waiting to receive Sierra's lab results. The Dr. said he would phone us, so I don't want to start calling to bug them...yet!
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