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Sierra's New Vet.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a very big day for my baby girl. She will be meeting her new Dr. Serenity has met him and approves, but we know Sierra is very special and tends to become beyond agitated at her Vet appts. For this reason, she will most likely be sedated in order to have her blood drawn for her labs, fundal exam, and to have her blood pressure checked. I really wish we didn't have to sedate her for this.

Prior to introducing either of my girls to this Dr., I thoroughly checked out the clinic and went by to visit and speak with the staff. I was very impressed, and am even more so after Serenity's appts. I sure hope Sierra feels the same. I have had all of her medical records faxed over from the Specialty Hospital. The Dr. is very thorough and kind, and spent a great deal of time just talking to me about Sierra. A wonderful thing about him, also, is he will allow me to be present during Sierra's entire procedure. This is very important to me, and I feel she will do much better this way!

Although this may be quite routine, it's difficult to not feel nervous about this big day. All the prayers and positive thoughts you guys can spare are so very much appreciated! Thank you so much for caring about my sweet baby girl!
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awwwww Sierra, know that my thoughts will be with you as you meet your new Dr
I sure do hope you approve and that everything goes smoothly... be brave sweetheart
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Lots of good vibes headed your way for you both. I hope it all works out well.
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Dearest Stephanie
I know in my heart, that our Heavenly Father will be watching over your beloved Sierra during her exam tomorrow. I will be praying for her well being, as she goes through this & comes out the other side good as new.
Please post an update as soon as you can after her exam.
We love you sweet Sierra.
Sadie, Dexter & Lei
xo xo xo
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Sounds like you found a nice and understanding vet! Good luck to you and Sierra tomorrow!

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Awww! I hope all will go well. I am glad you like the vet though - that is so important. Even though I who work in medicine, I like to get to know any doctors ahead of time and while their certifications and universities (There are some medical schools I am not all that impressed with to be honest) are extremely significant, I really want to like the individual too. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that if someone has poor interpersonal skills, they might be better off in research, putting their talents to work in that way.

For part of my career, I worked with a woman who was extremely intelligent and utterly brilliant and just a termendous researcher. However, her clinical skills left much to be desired, even to the point where her young patients would tell their families, nurses and other people - like med clerks or volunteers what they thought of her and kids almost NEVER lie about that stuff, - and we all wndered how to handle the situation. She was quite senior in the organization and had a great reputation in terms of outcomes. Parents would even ask me or other younger docs if we would take over their child's care and of course, it does not happen that way. Finally, two of us brought up the matter with the thenChief of Peds, a much revered man. He talked to her and it turned out that she thought she had great skills but loved research much more. She "retired" from active clinical care to research and there have been virtually no complaints at all about anyone, at least in our small specialty.

But I did not mean to digress. My point - and I actually have one, lol - is to say I feel the same way about vets. If a vet lacks good relationship skills with cats, I wuld not take my kitties to her or him, regardless of what accolades s/he may have academically. I left a vet when after bringing my bunny to him - and vets with expertise in rabbits can be difficult to find where I live - his whole manner, verbal and nonverbal, suggested he did not take me or my bunny seriously. I had done considerable research on an illness my rabbit had and brought some of the studies with me. He seemed miffed by that as well and suggested "oh well that might be fine if you live in downtown New York City but you don't". After one examination, I walked out of that clinic and never returned. I found a vet who liked bunnies, was not insecure about his or her skills and interested in trying new treatments or talking to vets throughout the world if need be. Mind you, he was at the vet school 3 hours away but that was OK. My bunny lived to be the oldest recorded domesticated rabbbit in Canada - until he died - and I was not letting just anyone care for him!!!!!

Good luck to Sierra and you!! It sounds as though you are off to a wonderful start!! Give Sierra a hug for me!
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Sierra will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I hope everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can for your sweet girl. Please let us know how it goes Steph!
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Sending lots of calming vibes to Sweet Sweet Siera.
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Sweet girl! to both of you tomorrow.

Here's a message from one pretty girl to another:

Sierra, I know the vet is scary, but he's really just trying to help. Try to be brave! Your Meowmy won't let anything bad happen to you!!

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We know you'd only choose the best for Sierra Steph!
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I am so nervous for you but I know Sierra will come through with flying colors with Mommy by her side! Please let us know as soon as you get back! Sending prayers your way!
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Stephanie, you know my prayers will be with you and Sierra. I am so glad this vet sees the wisdom of you being by Sierra's side during her procedures.
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Tons of for sweet sierra........
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Sending many calming vibes your way
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Stephanie, I'm sending lots of calming vibes to you sweet Sierra. How wonderful that her new vet will let you stay with her while she goes through her procedures! That will make a world of difference for your sweet girl!
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Dan, Karen, Lei, Lacey, Lisa, Diane, Cyberkitten, Heidi and Ophelia, Chris, Ryan, Colleen, Bridget, Tracy, and Linda, thank you so very much! You guys are the absolute greatest! We are so blessed!
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Stephanie I hope Sierra likes the new vet as much as you do.

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Sounds like a good vet. Our vet has always had us in with our kits. I didn't even realize that this was not the norm.

If you stay calm, that will help your baby to stay calm too as I believe they pick up on your tension.

Hugs for you both.
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Sierra, be nice to the new vet. I imagine he is just as nervous meeting you as you are meeting him. You are world renowned! (Thanks to your meowmy and TCS.)
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Now dear I realize going to the dr is no fun.. But sweety your mommy has interviewed and taken your sister to the new vet so.. do your best to be a happy , open minded kitty..
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Just curious what condition(s) Sierra has? I've heard you mention her special needs before but haven't read exactly what they are.

Jack and Henry send hugs to Sierra--they're going to the vet tomorrow too.
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Sierra, you are in my prayers tonight, you beautiful girl! And so is your mommy, as I'm sure her nerves are just about frayed!

Stephanie- I am sure that everything will go well. I can understand the anxiety, but it sounds like you have found a good one!
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Stephanie and Sierra, you are both in my thoughts today and i'll be sending as many positive and calming }}}VIBES{{{ that I can muster!

Your new vet sounds wonderful and very understanding, I am sure that Sierra will know that you have chosen him for a reason and will find the experience a lot easier than you expect! Sierra is a very brave girl!
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Sounds like you've got a gem of a vet there - the chances arer that because he's so relaxed and willing to take his time over Sierra, that she'll feel more relaxed with him - and having you present will help her no end. Good vibes coming your way!
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Stephanie Sierra is being sent special (((((calming vibes))))) for her visit and lots of (((((good luck vibes))))) as well

I really like the sound of this vet
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Thank you guys so very much for your encouragement! You have just brightened our day more than I can express! You're so fantastic!

Waddle, Sierra is being treated for very high blood pressure and her right kidney is "abnormally small and irregularly shaped", putting too much stress on her left kidney causing symptoms of crf. Through diet regulation and lowering her blood pressure, her BUN and Creatinine have been back within normal limits. We are managing her elevated BP with daily Norvasc. She tends to become unbelievably stressed at the Vet, therefore it has been necessary in the past to sedate her in order to carry out any sort of exam. I just wish I could help her understand this is all for her own good. I'm praying that today will be the exception and she will feel calm throughout her visit. Thank you so much for asking about my sweet baby!
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GOOD LUCK TODAY Sweet Sierra!!! {{{{{}}}}} Stephanie, you are such a great mommy for being so careful about which vet takes care of your little girls.
I'm so sorry she'll need to be sedated to get through this Sending vibes that all goes well today .
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Wishing Sweet Sierra good vibes for the vet today!!
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Ah, Good luck Sweet Sierra! I'll be praying that everything goes smoothly and this new Dr. takes good care of you! I'll be praying also for your mommy too so she won't worry so much about her baby girl!
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Stephanie, sending good vibes to you and sweet Sierra.
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