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TV...Commander in Chief

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Have you seen the new TV show, Commander in Chief on ABC?
It is about the first woman president of the US. Gena Davis plays the president.
The 2nd episode airs tonight at 9pm.
What do you think? Is it thumbs up?
I loved the first show.
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Well I dont know yet but I gthink it has possibilities.
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I'm with Howard. I thought the first show was pretty good, but I'm going to reserve my judgement until I see where they go with it.
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We'll know more after tonight but I think that, if it is well written, it has a lot of potential.
It certainly has built in conflict, which is necessary for drama.
I am getting tired of all the Law & Orders & CSI's.
We need something new.
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I had some issues with the first episode - I'm hoping it will even out a little bit as they figure out where they're going with the series. But I'm hopeful. Definitely will be DVR'ing it to watch later.
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It sounds like a good show, haven't had the chance to see it yet, but I'll watch it next time it's on.
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i like it but agree with tari im going to watch the second show and then i'll know if i like it or not which its on now but its recording on the cable box so i fast forward through all the commercials
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I have not seen it...I'm addicted to too any others!
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