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Forensic file exclusive story  

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DId anyone see the exclusive story on TV last night about the Chimpanzee that they are using to help solve crimes? This Chimpanzee has E.S.P. and has solved 3 crimes already!!!
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OMG!!! You saw that too! That's too wierd! I couldn't belive it!
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Where've ya been!?! Soo solly... missed the show..... any relation? tounge2: :tounge2:
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You missed that show!!! How could you...you have to remember that one!!! Remember! C'mon Janet...
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Ive been at this other site!! Its awesome!!!! You can curse there!!!!!! hahahaahahaa Its another cat site. Its called the Cat Arena.
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Yeak, Klink. But how good can that site be since we're not there?
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Oh you don't want to go there!!!! I've been there! It's not safe! hahaha!
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I'm confused as to where this is going....but back to the beginning...that show was crazy! But you know, chimps have 97% the same DNA as humans! So, if there be psychic humans, why not psychic chimps? He was such a cutie too! I wonder though, if he is so psychic, how come he got caught from the wild, or did he know, and want to be caught knowing that he would end up helping humans solve crimes? My brain is spinning...
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This Chimpanzee also supposedly "Knows what you did last summer"
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Crap...I hope he doesn't tell anyone. I'm a little ashamed of last summer.
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Yes, he knew that he was going to be caught. He let himself be caught. He does not like a lot of publicity and fanfare though, so when communicating with him, he always tells his handlers that he wants to maintain a low profile. He doesnt want the girl chimps wanting to mate with him because of his fame, but of course, he already knows who his future girlfriend will be and how it will turn out.
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where the chimp is being used to find anonymous threat senders on the internet??? That was neat where they used him to track viruses and stuff.Imagine...an ape being smarter than the hackers. 5 for 5 in the test cases. Looks like the whackos have met the enemy and he smells like bananas.
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Its the same guy, I mean Ape!!! He is a smart mammal aint he!!!!
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Ain't he??? Isn't he! Jeesh! hahahaha! :laughing2 I couldn't resist!

Love you!!!

Going to my place now! haha!
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Interesting. I hadn't heard of this before. (the ESP chimp, that is)
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