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Remembering Claibourne...

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It is with great saddness that I report Claibourne was laid to rest this morning. This was part of a thread Health Declines While I Wait For Answers... on 9/29.

We did get her to another vet but she wasn't able to determine the actual problem other than there was a mass on her heart or lung. After 6 trips to the vet and countless hours of worry we got our answer, it was her heart.

We purchased Claibourne (AKA: Holey hole, Crazy Girl and Pooie) from Dr Pet about 15 years ago. We had a male cat Polo who was a few years older but wasn't very social. We hoped a companion would help. It did. Claibourne didn't seem all that keen on using the litter box, her preference was the tub. No matter what we did she was hell bent on using the tub. Polo taught her to use the litter box. And she taught him there was more to life than tender vittles. While we will miss many things about Claibourne, I will miss her support the most. When I was feeling really down Claibourne would come to me and talk and talk looking at me straight in the eyes, as if to say don't feel that way mom it will be okay.

To You Holey-Hole All Our Love.

Claibourne- Age 15 October 4th 2005
Chucky - Age 12 (Claibournes Daughter) August 12th 2005
Baby Girl - Age 16 Homeless at the age of 12 we took care of her until her passing June 13th 2005
Polo - Age 15 (Chucky's Daddy) July 16th 2004
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Sorry to hear about your loss. I'm glad that you had 15years to share with your furry friend.
RIP Clairabourne!! Prayers are with you
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I am so sorry for the loss of your wondercat cat. Take comfort in all your memories and know that you cat is not hurting anymore.
Rest in peace sweet Claiborne.
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Condolences on your loss of Clairbourne. She had a good, full run at life, but it is never easy to say that final good-bye. Bugaboo is right, take comfort in your memories and know that your cat is not suffering anymore. I hope that the cat-sized hole in your heart is filled soon. Hugs, susan
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what a beautiful tribute to Claibourne who surely does sound like one precious kitty... how wonderful she had 15 long years with you - this shows how much she was loved and cared for.
I am so sorry to hear of her illness - you know you did everything in your power for her

RIP Claibourne - go and find your mate Polo and continue to play happily together. You can continue to teach each other many things at the bridge. You will be deeply missed sweetheart
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Claibourne sounds so precious You have some wonderful memories there of Claibourne, and as long as you think of them she will never die!

RIP Claibourne sweetie
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Condolences on the loss of your beloved Claibourne, as well as Polo, Baby Girl, and Chucky. That is a lot of loss for one family to bear in such a short time. But it shows how open you were to letting these special kitties into your heart. Condolences on these losses!
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