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Only in mASSachusetts...

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GET A LOAD OF THIS.... Sometimes I'm embarressed to come from this state.... arg....

Shopper Beaten For Bringing 13 Items To Express Lane

LOWELL, Mass. -- First there was road rage. Now, there's checkout-line rage. Police said that a 51-year-old Lowell woman was beaten and kicked when a customer behind her in a supermarket checkout line became enraged that she had brought 13 items through a 12-items-or-fewer lane.

Karen Morgan, 38, was arrested Sunday at about 9 a.m. after she allegedly beat the victim on the street outside the Market Basket.
Morgan has been charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Court officials said that she failed to appear for her arraignment Monday. The victim told The Lowell Sun that she didn't realize she had one item too many until Morgan, who was waiting behind her in line, let her know. The two exchanged words and then the victim left the store. She said she was
attacked while walking home.

can you say GET A GRIP?!~?!?!?
only in Mass Ass Achusettss....
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Good Grief!!! This is horrible. I also can't believe she actually counted how many items someone had; get a life! I have counted my own before but never someone elses.
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I think the woman has mental illness . She would have to, I think. HEY, YOU! YOU WITH THE EXTRA CAN OF BEANS! STEP AWAY FROM THE EXPRESS LINE!....
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That's unreal! I can understand being impatient in the grocery store, but that's just way over the top. People are resorting to violence over the smallest things lately.
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The only reply to this insanity is on a t-shirt that caught my eye recently:

"Where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?"
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that made me burst out loud with laughter!!! The funniest thing I've heard in a long time.

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I just shook my head in disbelief, there is a rage for anything these days. I think a lack of manners and patience and decorum would be the real reason.
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Don't worry, we have plenty of A$$s here in Maryland, and hey, if you can't find any, you can always go online! :laughing:
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Do things of the same type count? I never go in the express lane, because I'll look and think, well, I have 4 apples, 2 lemons, 3 cans of cat food, chips, salsa, etc, and it's way over 12 if you count the cat food as 3, not 1, the apples as 4 not 1. Which way is right? Been wondering...don't want to get beaten. Terrible story, btw, there are just some horrible people out there.
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That is horrendous, but I bet it happens in other states as well!
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Alicat- I always count apples, oranges, etc. as one, as long as they are all in one plastic bag. I always go into the 10-items-or-fewer with like 12 or 13 items...noone seems to mind. Does anyone else do this too?
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Been known to do that. Kind of depends on what the rest of the lines look like. Like on Saturdays when there's 6 people in each line with carts overflowing, I might take 15 items in the 10 or fewer line. Nobody has complained so far.

Though I will also admit . . . There is a Starbucks coffee bar in the local market. It's a franchise, so they are required by the store to accept any items with a bar code as well as their own stuff. I got very mad standing in line for 20 minutes for coffee one morning because someone brought a cartfull up to that register. Not a few items, a regular week's shopping. I think, I wouldn't have gotten quite as angry if they'd actually bought a coffee too . . .
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A few years ago, I worked as a checkout person at Shopko. On days when I was working in the express lane, I would sometimes have people tell me that another customer had no business being in that lane because their cart was one or two items over the limit.
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How horrible! Honestly, I could care less if someone has a few items over....... It doesn't upset me. You know what upsets me? When there is only 1 lane open & there are about 3 or 4 people in line, and 1 person has to buy atleast 100 items!:tounge2: That happened to me tonight at Fry's......
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Also when I worked at Shopko, sometimes there would be a lot of customers in the store, but no one would be checking out. Suddenly a large amount of people would come up to the checkout counters at the same time which would cause us to have long lines.

Just a few things that can slow checkout lanes down:

1. Elderly people usually take slightly longer to get out their money or credit card to pay for their items.

2. A sale item rings up at full price, and this needs to be corrected for the customer.

3. A customer has a question but can't find a sales clerk, so they ask when they are checking out.

4. A customer has several children who are learning to handle money responsibly. Each child pays for their own purchases which are rung up seperately.

5. Sometimes bar codes won't scan and the information needs to be entered into the register manually.
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That is just horrible what happened to that poor woman!! What is this world coming too? I'm afraid I know, but it is still so very sad.

Deb, that T-shirt saying was soooo appropriate for this day and age!! Good one!
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Isn't it though? I have loved that ever since I saw it at the mall. It's in one of those kiosks where the t-shirts go for $25+. Can't justify dropping the coin on it, but the saying is the best!
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