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HELP, big chewer

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About four months ago I rescued this adorable kitten from behind my bf's shed. We estimate that she is about 6 months old maybe younger, it was hard for the vet to say since she was soo badly malnourished and dehydrated, something must have happened to the mom cat. Anyhow she has gone from being the cutest sweetest little thing to the most evil creature on the planet! I don't know if this is like the kitty tweens like it is for dogs or what I know she finished teething b/c I saw her last baby teeth come out. But basically our biggest issue is her chewing, she steals the dogs' bones and chews on them she chews on my shoes, she chewed up my bf's brand new jeans and ripped a HUGE hole where his pocket used to be (outside in, so yes through the denim) (he forgot kitty greenies were in there). She's also chewed holes in kitty food bag, through boxes, carpet of course, my plant, socks, paper, you name it she steals it and she chews it! I didn't even know cats had a bad chew problem like this like dogs. So do they have cat toys for chewing then? Is there anything I can do, I've already learned that training with cats is vastly different from training with dogs. I've tried bitter apple it doesn't even phase her. We've tried squirting her with water when she does bad behavior and she keeps going back and doing it in front of us until she's drenched! She's INCREDIBLY stubborn. I tried what I did with all the dogs I trained which is give her a time out in her crate for 30 seconds and that doesn't seem to work for her either. Should I just get her a puppy kong and stuff it with kitty treats? Are there any specialized things out there to help cats with chewing problems?

Sorry for being so long winded, and thanks to anyone who can help me with this.
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Originally Posted by kadiya
I don't know if this is like the kitty tweens like it is for dogs or what I know she finished teething b/c I saw her last baby teeth come out. this.

Did the adult teeth come in yet?? It is possible if her teeth have not come out yet that she still has the urge to chew. My Buddy is teething, he is 6 months, and he chews everything too. Vet said it would slow down soon, after all the adult teeth have come in. I bought some dog bones for my cat to chew on, the kind you give to small dogs. Buddy loves to chew on them. Keep his food and treat bags where he cannot get to them, or put a child lock on the cupboard. Buddy learned how to open the cabinets, so I had the problem with ripping into the food bags, just like a teething baby, they have the urge to chew on anything they can get their mouths around. Training the cat can be tough. Some cats you can teach or discourage them from bad behavior, but it can be hard. She will probably grow out of it soon. What did the vet Say??? For the time being, I would keep anything that you want safe out of the way of sharp teeth.
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Well since she was so malnourished they're not really sure what age she's at. Since she was able to climb when I found her, we are guessing from her abilities then that she was around 8 wks. She could be older though. I saw the baby teeth fall out, and I know the adult teeth are in. We've been putting all the treats and toys away but I think the dogs are getting sick of their chew toys and bones getting stolen and hidden away. At least they handle it well, they just kinda growl and then look at us like MOM, DAD she stole my bone! I was talking to one of my students and they said they heard that kong came out with a cat kong, b/c her cat is a big chewer too but he's already well over a year. The cat kong I found online though looks like a toy for them to just bat around with. I guess I'll just have to let her steal the dogs' chewy toys then and try to find them when she steals them go back and forth with that. Thanks for the advice.
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