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8 and a half weeks (2 kittens less)

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Well my kittens are now almost 9 weeks old and 2 of them have moved on to their new homes. I am still looking for homes for 2 of the remaining kittens. I'm having problems finding homes for them because I've grown so attached to them. I don't want to just put a "free to good home" sign in my yard. I'd much rather find people that I know are good pet owners, but I'm having a lot of trouble. Any tips? I will be keeping 3 of the remainging 5 kittens. My daughters each chose a favorite as did I to keep. Anyway, I would appreciate any tips on finding good homes for the other 2 kittens and here is an updated photo of the 5 I still have!Oh, and in case you wonder after viewing the picture; they always climb into my hampers and sleep

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Oh they are beauties!!!!
I went throught the same thing you did.
Lilo had 7 babies (1 died) so I had to find homes for 6. We decided that we would keep the one that was left after the other 5 were given away. So now we have Petals.

What I decided to do was post a "beautiful, healthy, well taken care, kittens to good home" ad at my vet.

This really helped. Because atleast I knew that whoever saw my ad on the wall at the vets that they atleast took care of the pets they had to begin with.

Good luck finding them good homes.
And remember, you have the right to refuse a kitten to someone if you dont feel they will make nothing less than the best of a home for your beautiful furbabies. Don't feel as if you owe anyone who shows up at your door a kitten.

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Please don't take this personally but I wondered if there was a reason these babies are leaving their mama so young? Or are they bottle babies whose mama is no longer around? Kittens do best when they get to stay with mama until they are at least 12 weeks. (At least that is the rule of thumb with most CFA approved orgs/small breeders here). I am glad to hear you are not giving them away - they are valuable beings and deserve a great forever home and I wish you luck in finding homes for them. They are beautiful!!!
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well, to be honest, there are several reasons.

My momma cat is very skinny and I feel that sending some of the kittens off to their new homes will help her to regain some weight since she is still regularly nursing them.

I am having a lot of issues with litter box odor and assume that it's partly due to the amount of cats in my home.

My kittens have all had their first shots and have been dewormed. They are well socialized. My children, I, and visitors to our home play with them regularly.

Lastly, and I may get negative comments about this; however, I think I did the right thing for the kittens and my family. I went to jail recently for a while and was told that I may spend a year in jail. When I dfound this out I was in jail and my husband was telling me that he and my daughters could not handle the care of all of those cats. I then gave him permission over the phone to deliver the kittens whom had homes already to their new homes. I figured that it would be easier on them to take care of less kittens, and the kittens are going to loving homes. Luckily my husband hired a good attorney for me and now I'm home and able to care for the remaining kittens. The other 2 kittens are doing well in their new homes.

Thanks for the tip about the ad in the vets office. I hadn't thought of that!
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I know this might be rude, but can I ask what the jail time was for?

Good on you for being responsible about not only the kittens wellbeings but also your family's!!
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haha no it's ok. I should have said since now people will think I killed someone or something. I was arrested for endangering other people behind the wheel. In other words, I fell asleep driving my husband to work. An officer pulled me over and upon confirming that I hadn't drank anything arrested me for endangerment. He said that I new I was too tired to drive;which was true. I had no choice as my husband and I had been sharing a vehicle and we had places to be as well as the children needing to get to school.

So anyway, I was thinking about the long term best for my family and the kittens.
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Ouch!! Wow, and they gave you jail time!!! I don't think thats fair considering what some people get for raping and killing people!!!

Have you tried advertising in the local newspaper? Or local school? You could sucker people in by getting their kids to beg!!
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lol I was released as soon as an attorney was hired for me. I want to know that I'm giving my kittens to owners who will care for them well. All too often a kid begs a parent, but shortly after they take the animal home it becomes a burden; and gets abandoned. I've grown way too attached to think of that happening to one of my own
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