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Bald Spots

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I am a kindergarten teacher who resides in Xian, China. I wanted to travel and experience other cultures. So I teach in an INternational School.

I am a dog lover but needed a pet. So my boyfriend got me one before he left for Chicago.. And now, I am obsessed with my cat and love her to death. Her name is Cathy.

She's healthy and thinks she's a dog. She runs around all day!

Lately, I've noticed my kitten has small bugs.. fleas, I think. I'm upset and vets here don't know jack. They're not very kind to animals at all. Also, her flea collar doesn't seem to work.

LAstly, I've noted she's been having bald spots which has truly upset me. Is there a way to go around this? I am posting some pics. I know nothing of cats except to love the one I have here.. she's my first cat and means the world to me. Why is she going bald in places? Her bald spots are not scabbed or anything.. the skin in the area is a bit pinkish and very smooth.

Please help me and I do apologize for being whinney.:o


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My first guess is a reaction to the flea collar.
Get rid of it ASAP! They do more harm than good.
If you can, have someone in the states find a sympathetic vet and get you some Frontline, or Revolution to treat your cat with.
First get rid of the flea collar, and wash all affected areas with a mild dish detergent.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
My first guess is a reaction to the flea collar.
Get rid of it ASAP! They do more harm than good.
If you can, have someone in the states find a sympathetic vet and get you some Frontline, or Revolution to treat your cat with.
First get rid of the flea collar, and wash all affected areas with a mild dish detergent.

Oh my god, thank you, top cat!!

But why dish detergent?

I got rid of the collar-- I didn't know they were harmful until I noticed it!
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Dish detergent is pretty mild.
Pet shampoos can cause a lot of the same problems as the flea collars and often are too harsh on the skin.
Human shampoos strip the natural oils from fur and skin.
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I agree with Arlyn. Ditch the flea collar...they're a waste of money. I agree, try to get someone to send you some Frontline, or Advantage. Should clear it up in a matter of days. Cathy's adorable!!!
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Dear EVeryone,

Thank you so much for being understanding (I was afraid to annoy everyone with whinning).

I'm a "first time mommy" to a kitty cat so she means the world to me.

A lot of you say she has ring worm.. well she MIGHT but I was wondering, can she pass it on to me too?

When you guys ask "Have you had her wormed?" what do you mean by that?

I got her from a hole in the wall pound. Remember, I am in Xian, China.. people here have different definitions of caring for pets. Although I am in an international zone, once I step out, I'm in the middle of no where and you just can't trust the vets here.. But I guess I have no choice but to take her next week when my chinese friends comes along.

As for the flea collar, I threw it away. At first I thought it wasn't working because it was just made in China (and as much as I like it here, stuff made here doesn't really work) but then I'm guessing it's an allergic reaction.

I'll ask my boyfriend to have some stuff sent to me, but I don't know what to do for the time being while waiting.

Again, many thanks, I turly appreciate it.. everyone has been so kind!


Teachee & Cathy
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Yes, ringworm can be transmitted to you.
If you have access to one, get a black light and check her over with it.
Ringworm fungus is phosphorescent.
You can treat Ringworm with Revolution for the kitty, and belive it or not altheletes foot creams on you.

As for worming, that's in regards to intestinal parasites.
If she has/had fleas, she's likely got tapeworms, and there are other worm types her mother could have passed to her.
I have no quick advice there as the only way to safely worm is to have it done by a vet.
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Can you have things shipped from Australia? If so, you can get good dewormers and parasite treatment from there.
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hope you find a good dewormer...
as for fleas i usulay get the kind u put in their nek... the tubes with liquid in them.
(she's a really cute kitten luv that pic of her )
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THanks everyone for trying to help.. I have emailing my bf to send stuff from the states here in China. It will take awhile since it is very expensive and we're short on cash due to some travelling that we did over the summer.

Next week, I will be going to downtown to a local vet and ask around. Wish me luck and I will update. Thank you so much for helping!
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I don't think she has ring worm.. the areas that she has bald spots are from itching and they seem to get better now sinceI've been applying this fungal cream for humans..

Like I've mentioned, I'm waiting for the stuff to be shipped here but it will take eons. So for now, I have to make do with what I have.

Next week, I hope I can find a good dewormer! Not to offend the culture, but seeing how people here handle animals is upsetting.. I just don't trust them.

I'm trying my best not to be upset.. someone sent me a message and said not to worry too much.. it's nothing life threatening. I know it's not But.. being a first time kitty "mom" just makes me a tad worried

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(This may sound dumb but...) Since my cat has started getting fleas (like just started) I let her stay in the living room instead of sleeping with me on my bed. I'm afraid she'll get her fleas on me.. Is this possible? Or do fleas just like specific species? Is human hair difficult for animal fleas to hold on to?

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Fleas don't actually live on their hosts, they jump on to feed.
The will infest bedding and carpetting though.
You will probably be bitten, but animal blood is generally prefered.
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Fleas are definitely not species specific--I've been bitten tons of times. While you are waiting for your supplies, you might see if you can find a flea-comb. It's a comb with the tines very close together--the kind people use for lice might work too. You can comb her and then dip the comb in warm, sudsy water (it's supposed to keep the fleas from jumping out). It might help your kitty be a little more comfortable while you're waiting for the flea treatment.
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Make sure the person who is sending you the flea drops doesnt get an over-the-counter product. You kitty may have a reaction to that also. Stick with brands that you can get at a vet.
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