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need some advice

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Hi all. This might be a little TMI but I'm not sure what to do.

I am on a bc pill and I am normally like clock work to the day and time that I begin my monthly. Well... this month I've missed it. I know that I had forgotten a few pills and had to double up to catch up. Well.... I should have gotten it a few days ago and nothing. Not even the normal symptoms that I get a few days before.

I am 'stressed' because of DH leaving... but could stress make me miss even being on the pill??

Thanks all for listening. I'm just getting a little worried about all this.
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Have you been on it for a number of years? For me, I've been on Ortho-Novum bc for the last 6 years, and within the past year, my periods have diminished quite a lot. Instead of lasting 4 or 5 days, now it's only 2-3 days. As well as it used to start on the same day that I was to start taking the placebos, which would usually be Sunday, now it can start as late as Tuesday or Wednesday. According to my doctor, this is normal.
But, you say about missing some doses....that is not good. I would suggest taking a pregnacy test just to make sure.
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Hey that 's happened to me before. When I'm really stressed it affects my cycle, and I'm on the pill too. It can be a really light one and one time I hardly got one at all. I'd be concerned about the missed pills though. I suggest you get a pregnancy test just to make sure.
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I just posted the same problem about 2 weeks ago--I was late too and had all the 'baby' symptoms, I had missed some pills and I was stressed, it came a few days later, if you're really worried-I would definately try a test-let us know how things turn out! We're all here for you!!
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I might have the blood test done next week. I work in a hospital and the head nurse said she'll set it up for me if I want to. I've been trying to think to if it is even possible that I could be preg.... but it is hard to remember.

I usually only get my period for 2 days but this time nothing. I've been on bc for awhile and its always been regular.... but I've never had this stress before either.

Yuck. We'll see I guess.
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It could well be stress but it's prob best to have lab work done to know for certain. Your friend might be able to - if she knows someone at the lab - have a urinanalysis done for you without the hassle of going thru the regular channels. I have done it myself for friends at my research lab, lol I hope everything turns out well for you!
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Yah stress will do that - it used to happen to me a lot. Not only that but if you miss a day or two you really ought not to double up to catch up - just miss the day and go on to the next and then go back to those missed pills once your normal routine is done. You'll probably find that you'll be set back by up to a week by doubling up. You really only need to worry about tests after 2 weeks. It's possible that you're pregnant if you missed a pill between days 14 and 20 of your cycle (most likely time to get pregnant), day 1 being the first day of your last period. Have a look back and see which ones you missed. Other than that, don't stress too much because that won't be helping!
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Unfortunaly it was in week 2 and 3 that I missed some pills..... But for the life of me I can't remember if 'anything happened' then. He's been gone almost 3 weeks so there is such a slim chance that anything happened but with missing pills it could have changed my cycle.... I talked to my dr here and she just said to 'keep an eye on it'. Pffft. Anyway, come next week if nothing then I'll take a blood test or I'll just wait until the next off week and see.

Either way.... you know, whatever. LOL
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If youve missed it, youve missed it. Its absolutely possible to miss periods when you are on the pill. Its just not common. Id just end the debate, do a little pee in a cup or on a wand (whichever youre using), and then know for sure. At least then the pregnancy issue would no longer be a stressful question. No worries though, with the level of stress and the missed pills it sounds more likely to just be an abnormal cycle. Good luck.
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