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three gas tanker trucks within 24 hours

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makes ya wonder about all theses things happen around us a gas tanker truck
7 mile bridge in the fl keys up in smoke! after midnight last night and two more in the bronx NY up in smoke! today boats over turn last year 2 hella coppers crash within three days power plants up smoke 2 within 5 months the unexplain if you sit and think about this all the differn't things siance 9/11 i dont remember all this traggic news before 9/11 i wish i was a fly on the white house wall better yet wish i was rocky so i could punch all of them out
and yes im venting today cause im so tired of people loosing there lives send are troops home enough is enough
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A lot of them are coming home. We have had several thousand come through Camp Lejuene in the past few weeks. It is a wonderful thing to go to Onslow Beach and see them come off the ships. There are still some deploying, but more are coming back than are leaving. Not the best thing, but better than it was.
Not to say that your point is not valid, it is, but there has always been tragic news. I find myself more attentive to it since 9/11.
You are right, enough destruction and death! It is bad enough that we are in a war, (I know, we all have different opinions on it) but people all over are either purposely mean and destructive, or stupid and careless. Either way, enough is enough! It seems to get worse with every decade that passes.
I remember when I was a child during the Viet Nam war, Walter Cronkite would have a time during his nightly newscasts to tell how many casualties there had been that day. It was awful.
Do you find yourself being more concerned about your own conduct, so as not to add to the misery? I never used to be concerned about how I was percieved, but in the past couple of years, I find myself wanting to show the world that I am not mean and cruel. Is that weird?
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krazy kat2

I also find myself differen't siance 9/11 My Dad was in the koren war on the DDS 752 John r pierce up untill he went home to the lord he would always talk about it and cry
Im glad some of are troops are comming home i would like to meet some of are troops your very lucky
I guess your right there is so much crazy stuff going on out there in the world when you see things happen like traggic lost of lives just make you sick to your stomach and you start to think the worse.

And no your not werid showing the world that your NOT mean and CRULE you have a HEART and you care 9/11 changed alot of things in this world more people are closer today then ever i always cared for people and was always doing things for them
But i had a mean streak in me to but now its to hard on me to dislike anyone i try not to even think bad of someone cause it hurts to bad Now is that weird? or maybe its because were getting older
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Your posts are so refreshing, RockinRhonda & KrazyKat2!! It is wonderful to see the optimism that you two are showing to the world. Not the "sappy-sweet, let's recognize only the good (denial is prob. an appropriate word, IMO)," kind of optimism, but the kind that shows optimism in action, that shows the world, "I live & this is a better planet because of it" and "we all can make a difference". That, to me, is practical, truly meaningful optimism!!
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hello Catsknowme (susan)

thank you for the kind wordsfill free to jump in with us and share your thoughts i try not to get down on life but its impossible sometimes everytime you turn on the news and somethings else has happen either children missing / trains crashes /planes /you name it and its happen everyday im so glad im not young anymore growing up in this world im 42 mylife is half over with and its the kids furture to make this a better world the rate were going now with no jobs gas prices and all the other stuff happen im very doubltful for the furture

I will be ok when i go home no worries no sadness But for now we got to make this world a better place cause we all live together on this planet and i sure hope they do something fast I remember my Dad always kept saying to me a year before he passed he would say rhonda lee hang on to what you got manage your money watch thoses credit cards because this world may end up in a recession very soon well the past two years siance hes been gone looks like were headed that way I pray it dont happen i sure wish i would of went to collage
well take care susan (Catsknowme)
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