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Dont you think it's unusual, that when cats see their reflection in the mirror or window, they do not attack. Do they know its themself, or do they think that it is a beautiful cat that they do not want to harm? HA!
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I had a cat that would run and hide when he would see his reflection. He was a huge, big headed cat that looked like he would eat small children, but was the biggest scaredy cat ever.
Fred would give himself kitty loves, and get snot on the mirror.
Scooter will hiss and growl at himself.
Silly creatures!
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It depends on the cat. Dushka ignores her reflection, Ellie hisses at it and Persil is curious.
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I have a standing mirror in my bedroom and when Harley sees himself in it, he will walk around the mirror, like he's trying to find the cat in the reflection, its hillarious to watch!
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My cat used to attack himself when he was smaller. After a couple of months he realized that he was hurting himself my running into the mirror, and he still hadn't caught the cat in the mirror . Now he just stops for a second to look at himself, then he continues walking by.
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Dolly didn't have any full length mirrors in her old house, so when we adopted her she'd spend hours sitting infront of the mirror looking at herself. She'd watch herself, then walk by, walk up to the mirror, back up and watch herself again. It was pretty cute. Mind you, she's such a pretty girl, I don't blame her for her self adoration
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I sometimes pick Rosie and Sophie up to look in the mirror and they sniff it as if to say " who are you?!"
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Marlee usually ignores herself! When I pick her up and walk to the mirror, its like she looks everywhere possible except the mirror, especially herself! (sometimes she will look at my reflection, but I don't think I've ever seen her pay attention to her own!)
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Reilly ignores himself too
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Sophie attacks her reflection. Of course, she attacks almost anything right now.
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